Finally a foxbody in a decent video game!

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  1. I'll forget about it long before 2010 but that game has just about every badass car I could think of in it, but 10000 cars seems pretty ridiculous
  2. Thats what I loved about those games, so many cars that you could play the game for 3 years and still have a new suprise every now and then. With 10000 cars, you'll probably NEVER get/find them all.

    EDIT: Holy mother of GOD, I'm going to have to buy a PS3.

    For those of you too lazy to look...
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] Cobra ‘79
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] GT ‘82
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] ASC McLaren ‘82
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] California Highway Patrol Package ‘82
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] Cobra ‘82
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] GT Turbo ‘84
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] 20th Aniversary GT350 ‘84
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] GT {5.0L H.O.} ‘84
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] [Foxbody] SVO ‘84
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] Turbo ‘85
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] SVO DOHC Prototype ‘86
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] GT 5.0 ‘87
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] ASC McLaren ‘87
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] ASC McLaren ‘90
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] LX 5.0 ‘93
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] SVT Cobra ‘93
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] SVT Cobra R ‘93
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] GT 5.0 ‘93
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] Mach III concept ‘93
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] Cobra R ‘93
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] SVT Cobra ‘93
    Ford Mustang [Foxbody] Cobra ‘93
  3. :jaw:

    *turns to Frankenstang*

    Honeyyyyyy? Can I have a PS3 for Christmaaaasssss? :D
  4. Forza is 360 only, gt5 is ps3 only, I'm gonna be a happy (but very broke) guy. It's gonna be the only way I'll ever own 30 stangs, and you only listed the foxbodies
  5. Is this just for xbox 360 or the original xbox too?

    I like racing games and nhl games. I have an orignal xbox at my parents house-leave it there for my cousins and other kids to play. I want to get something for my house. Almost bought another original xbox for 60 bucks with 10 games, but realized they stopped making games. I want NHL 2009.
  6. Hate to burst the bubble but I'm pretty sure that is the Gran-Turismo 'Wishlist' not the official cars list. As far as I know theres no official list yet, these guys have compiled a small one GT5 Master Car List (NOT a wishlist - Please read first post) - GTP Forums
  7. Every time one of these games is going to come out they post a list of some insane amount of cars. The fact is the lists sent out before the game never come close to the amount of cars in it. Why waste all that time getting info, specs, and modeling cars that people don't care about? Other than the group here, who would want to drive a 1983 Mustang in a racing video game???

    I think if one of them makes it into the game that is a HUGE step. The truth is, it most likely won't. Seeing the Cobra R already designed into the Forza game is cool though, and the fact they finally have a real fox body in a good game is great. Just don't expect it to be the norm, IMO.
  8. Yea, some of those Foxes don't make any sense to be in a video game. Considering some of the low-end "used" Japanese cars in GT4 though, an '82 Fox GT would be right on par performance-wise. :p It seems like to me a McLaren, an SSP, a Saleen, or of course the Cobra R would be very good candidates for a game like GT5. An '86 GT with t-tops would be nice, too. :D
  9. It would, but also remember the designers are Japanese. To them our 82 Mustang is not anything. I assume most of the cars they use (the old economy type cars) have some kind of meaning to them...
  10. the game is kickass. ran out and bought it yesterday. already bought the 93 r, painted it my color, and TT'd it. its a hell of a lot cheaper this way haha
  11. I've been told you can do engine swaps in this game. Can you put a Windsor in it?
  12. If it comes with 150 different versions of a '99 Civic, i'm tossing it in the trash.

    What worries me more is that they release GT5....for playstation 4. :(
  13. nope, but you can drop the 5.0 cammer motor in it, a ford GT motor, and a ford stock car motor. and then you can single or twin turbo, twin screw or centri blower(all of which can be upgraded as well)

    roll cage, subframes,coil overs. cams,injectors,intake,trans, electric fan, clutch, etc gets pretty deep into it actually.

    the drag racing isnt as exciting as i hoped it would be but hell its better than none.

    i put some 4.56 gears in mine and did some wild burnouts haha
    ^ this dudes kind of an idiot but you get the idea
  14. theres a hatch, a del sol, and another gay one. but for all the ricetastic cars they have, they make up for it in muscle.

    ford gt
    ws6 TA
    ss camaro
    srt10 ram
    saleen s281 (2002&2005)
    you get the idea.
  15. I bought Gran Tursimo for PSP - it blows. My 2 cents

    Looking forward to Modern Warfare 2 in the next two weeks though....
  16. CODMW2 is where its at. Is there an xbox gamertag list of members on here somewhere? if not we should start one.

    mine is nisreo

    then again nisreo is the name ive used for every account since I was 16

  17. Already got my copy preordered!

    I'm on PS3. Username is "Maverick9D" if you guys want to shoot me
  18. me too. I have bought every previous version on the day they were released, I love the whole series. But I'm a PC gamer though........I can disguise it better to my wife if I sit at the desk for hours on end versus in front of the tv :D
  19. I want a PS3 now. But the Designer of GT4 and 5 has two [email protected]$$ Ford GT's. Top Notch race cars.