Finally a foxbody in a decent video game!

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  1. I got Forza 3 and It's nice having a Fox in game. I bought the '93 cobra R and painted it like my car and threw a twin turbo'd Ford GT motor in it lol.
  2. I've never played forza, youy can change the motor too? wow I may need to buy a 360
  3. yeah you can do motor swaps and then throw on your choice of a power adder.
  4. Glad to see the Foxes starting to get some decent play time. :nice:

    I bought a PS3 so I could have it the day GT5 came out. I want to drive on the Top Gear Test Track!!!! Still waiting...patiently. The Forza series is badass, but I'm not going to go out and buy a 360 just for that.

    For you MW2 guys....I don't know how you can play FPS games on a console. If I don't have a mouse/keyboard, I will completely suck monkey nuggets. And since IW decided to royally **** up WM2 on the PC side (no dedicated servers and stupid console type match making) I will not be buying it at all. Up yours, IW!
  5. It definitely alters your playing style. You develop techniques that you wouldn't have playing with a mouse because aiming is so much more difficult.

    I'm a big HALO player- any ODSTs out there, my gamer tag is NIKwithoutaC.
  6. Picked up F3 over the weekend. I havn't gotten in much playing time but of course buying a Fox bod was first order of business. I dropped in the Cammer motor (among other things) and man does that thing sound sweet. :rlaugh: These are the only pics I've taken so far.

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  7. Forza 3 is pretty kickass, so far its the best racing game ive ever played. The whole feel of the game is great. I bought a 93 cobra R, i wish they were only 14k in real life...
  8. Cammer motor+ twin race turbos + suspension and welds is how I'm rolling. It's so much easier in the game :)
  9. its a great game, but not as realistic as it claims to be
    the stock 93cobra only runs mid 15s :notnice:
  10. My 843hp ws6 trans am only went 11.42 at like 140, the drag racing is a little off as there's no good way to launch but, the game as a whole is ridiculously realistic.
  11. I have played a lot of racing simulators and Forza3 is by far the best. Between the physics engine, graphics, and sounds, not much else could be better. I recently picked up a racing wheel (the M$ one) and it has added another dynamic to the game and has probably made it more fun, although I will say it takes a bit to get used to it.
  12. Does it come with a clutch and shfter?
  13. Gamertag on 360: THZDynomutt

    Got the cobra R put a cammer and 490 gears in it and run 11.86 with a big 'ol burn out. Use it every race I can and usually lap the whole field before it's over. Very easy to tune and save tunes for the car, so I have a tune for the road racing circuits, the oval tracks (big and small), and a drag setup. I have always liked Forza, and 3 is definatly the best of all racing games.


    That ET is with a manual trans using the clutch. You can use three different settings, auto, semi-manual which you shift but don't use a clutch, and manual, which uses the left bumper button for the clutch and X and B buttons shift up and down.
  14. looks like i need to pick up GT5 asap. when did the actual game come out? i know they had a " demo " of it which was more like a normal game but not anywhere near that list of cars.
  15. Gt5 isn't out yet.... Not out til 2010.
  16. i just got excited for nothing lol. it sounds like its gonna be completely bada$$ which is no suprise cuz the old grand turismo's were the best car games at the time of release. i cannot wait, as of now i only have COD and some drifting game that is pretty fun with a new edge, and 2 S197s one being a saleen. its called hot import nights.
  17. as far as i knew, they didnt make forza for ps3?!!
  18. didnt make it for PS3 but both forza 2 and 3 are worth buying an Xbox to play them
  19. why not just go out and actually drive :shrug: