Finally After Eight's Alive!

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by valley82, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Took her out for a spin and she ran great.
    Could not be happier!
    Edelbrock Estreet EFI is a great product.
    Still need to tint the rear windows but my out of control resto-mod is now a runner.
  2. :scratch: headlights need something...

    rest is awesome!
  3. Awesome, congratulations! That first drive is always sooooo gratifying!
  4. Thank you guys. Yea, the first drive was the BEST!
    I know that pic was before I put on the headlight doors, but they are on in the top pic.
    Now I need to find another one for my som and I to build together.
    I'm telling you, if you want to switch to EFI go with the Edelbrock Estreet, super easy to install and program. I had the Professional Products Setup on the car but could not get it tuned to save my but.
  5. looks good
  6. Absolutely beautiful. I really like the color choice. Well done!
  7. Congratulations , very nice looking paint. Really liked the front seats and was wondering what type model car were they sourced from? Do they sit ok, as I've heard often changing seats causes you to sit too high, is this an issue? I noticed you inserted the Pony trim when you had them re-upholstered .. Very nice :)

  8. They are the stock seats with the TMI sport pony seat and cushions w/headrestss. I cut the seat pans down 1 1/4" then welded them back into the floor. I am 6'3" and have plenty of leg room between the seats and steering wheel. As far as comfort they are as nice as my 2010 dodge 3500 Laramie leather seats. Now they are much stiffer foam then the original 45 year old foam
  9. That's a clean look congrats.
  10. Thank you, Lott of blood sweat and cussing went into it, but I could not be happier.