Forced Induction Finally Blew Turbo Header Gasket

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by madspeed, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Only took about 300 miles, but blew the drivers side header gasket yesterday. Going to forgo the gasket this time and try the copper rtv trick. Any tips on how to install so that it will last?
  2. What type of gasket were you using?
  3. The POS graphite gasket that came with the kit
  4. MacGyver would use bubble gum, paper clip and a bar of soap :stir:
  5. I rough up of the head and the header flange a little bit with an emery cloth to give the RTV something to bite into. I let it dry at least 24 hours before use.

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  6. And this actually works? What product are you using?
  7. Yeah I barely ever use a header gasket on a high boost or high compression car. Use Permatex Copper.

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  8. Secret Sauce:stir:
  9. thanks Rick! Do you let the Permatex skin over first then apply and fully tighten?
  10. I put a little on the header and flange sit for about 5 mins max....kinda depends how hard the manifold is to get

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  11. Exactly the same here, Copper RTV and done. I have used the new Proform header bolts and they have been sweet!
  12. That's how my Headers were don't RTV there on over a yr 14 psi..seems fine no leaks.i do have a small leak by the downpipe..i contribute that to the bad band clamps which I want to replace with RPS clamps...
  13. thanks guys, i'll get to it one of these days!

  14. Are those the new wedge lock bolts? Happen to have the correct part number for these for Edelbrock heads on a sbf?
  15. For the aluminum heads they recommend the 1" long bolts, that is what I run in mine. I don't see a part number for the 1" long in a pack of 16 (damn chevy guys get catered to I swear...) I'll call Booth over at Proform today and see if they have a part number for us ford guys. I know they didn't when they first gave them to me to try but hopefully they stepped up the ford love
  16. Problem is most aftermarket alum heads will not accept a 1" long (stock length) bolt and require the 3/4" length...

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  17. Switch to studs.

    As mentioned before, I rough up both surfaces. I put a small coat on both the head and manifold, then tighten just hand tight until it begins to squish out the sides. I wait a half hour or so until it's no longer tacky to the touch and then torque to spec.
  18. thanks guys! I'll be ordering some new bolts shortly
  19. ordered some of those Proform bolts. They say torque to 28lbs, is this correct for aluminum heads?