Finally Broke 10's

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  1. Took awhile to get the car dialed in, the transmisson is showing signs of failing on the 3-4 shift......with half a second to 3/4 of second slipping. Only happens at WOT. PH is working on it, to determine if a new tranny is needed or if its a bug in the way the transmission gets commands from the tune. Should know more in the week to come.

    Put the 75 shot on the car, cut a 1.5 60ft and despite the 3-4 shift hang, I was able to make up for it with an aggressive launch. Battery is dying on the laptop (still at FFW Norwalk) so more details to come. Here is the slip...


    I'm stoked. We think the car has 10.6's in it once we work out the transmission issues. Special thanks to PH and crew for all the work they did on the car. Buckman and Navbtcret for convincing me not to fear the bottle and Ranebowcyxx and Firestang70 for providing tips on mastering the launch.

    More to come for sure.
  2. That's very impressive! I bet it's fun to pick on Cobra's, GT's, LS1's, you name it:nice:
  3. congrats!!!! i just ran 10.95 last night myself!
  4. Congrats!!! Welcome to the 10 second club. :nice:
  5. im thinking of a new CT for you Rygen. look for it to be applied soon! Congrats on the run. as always, very impressive. a ten second car demands respect from everyone!
  6. Thanks BigCat, much appreciated. I'm not comfortable running again this hard till I have a cage though.
  7. Congratulations! :)
  8. Thanks, and thanks for the CT. It rocks. :nice:
  9. Very well deserved. ;)
  10. way cool, wow, in the 10's. That is impressive. When you think about other engines at around 4-ish liters it's very believable. People talk about 3.4 liter Porsches, 3.6 liter Ferrari's, Audi RS6's and the like. But they can't imagine the 245 cu in Ford Mustang being a contender ? Good for guys like you chasing low ET's and big horsepower numbers.
  11. dang nice keep it up!

  13. Rygen excellent work! You better have that 10.6 ready when we meet up in Oct. I want to film that pass! LOL
  14. Thanks Dale. I'll try to keep ahead of you, I know you are getting ready to unleash the beast.
  15. That is awesome, thanks so much. I'm honored to have a place on the site. :nice:
  16. You are most welcome. It's all about the car here, amigo. We love the Ford Mustang!
  17. Rygen, you have any recent dyno figures? Another board I posted on asked the question.
  18. I don't have an accurate dyno sheet for the car as it sits in terms of HP and TQ due the TQ converter not locking up properly on the dyno. It's something I plan to address in the future however and to get some updated pulls.
  19. Rygen, i have not been on SN for a week or so but have been meaning to start a new thread about the article in S197 talk. i think ill do that now. :D you deserve all the recognition you get!