Finally.. Dyno Numbers..

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  1. Well, here are the dyno numbers from my recent dyno tune..

    I added SLP LT's, SLP O/R X-pipe, VT Stage 2 N/A cams and manley valvesprings.

    I dynoed at 288rwhp/303wtq.. That sounds really low, but it was due to the heat. It was 101.5* in the shop and humid as hell. The car wouldn't hardly take to anything and it seemed to be only getting warm air into the motor.. plus the SAE Correction was WAY OFF :nonono:

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    After we drove the car, the guy who tuned my car told me that the numbers were definately off because of how strong the car felt. I am supposed to go back in October or so, whenever it gets back to more cooler temperatures and re-dyno it to see what it will really put down. They told me it would be between 295-305rwhp, closer to the 305 side.

    I drove it that day when I got home, romped on it and gave it a lot of hell to get a feel for it in the 101* weather. I took it out at 1:30am that night, when it was 79* outside, and it felt like a completely different car. It was like the difference from 3.27's to 4.10's.. absolutely nuts. I couldn't believe it! It felt like a damn animal! Taking it all the way to 6300rpm was crazy and kinda scared me for a while, but feeling it pulling the entire time without dropping off is awesome.. I love how the car feels now! :hail2:

    I got in my first race since the tune yesterday, I know street racing is bad but I just couldn't hold back.. I tore up an 05+ GT 5-spd's ass out near my house, stupid little punk kids thinking they own everything lol. So after that little "race" and driving it in the cooler weather, I know for a fact it has more than a measly 288rwhp.. but I hate to make excuses and sound like a ricer.. So for now, I will say that I have 288rwhp until I dyno it again and see different numbers.. I will definately post them up whenever I get any new numbers in better weather.

    I will try to upload the rest of the pics and some videos from my dyno later today :nice:
  2. awesome dude, those are some good numbers considering the heat and humidity. Now that your car can pull up through 6300+, always make sure your oil levels are good. You may even want to invest in a 7qt oil pan and high volume pump to make sure you dont run out of oil at those high rpms. I'd hate to see you f up that motor
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I may have to look into that! :nice:
  4. :nice:

    you tore up some kids ass :rlaugh: [​IMG]
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    I guess I should have said that differently :rlaugh:
  6. 288rwhp is not far from 300, so they are good numbers either way. maybe im just saying that because its around what i made and i dont think mine will make much more.:D anyway enjoy the new found power!
  7. Dang, you AR kids are loaded with cash...long tubes, mods out the ass, a s/c Bullitt...
  8. those numbers are good...just about the same as will gain a few in better air.
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  10. Thats what I was thinking. I guess it pays to whore yourself out. :D
  11. :bs: without supporting photographic evidence.
    Call Deuce Bigalow. :eek:
  12. property taxes are only $8 dollars a year in AR :D . We spend our mod money on taxes...well atleast i do :( Just mailed another $2500 in for this 1/4 :bang:
  13. heck I'd be using the dyno sheet to get races if it were me, you know the $$ kind.
    " ah come on spot me 2 cars at least look here's my dyno sheet car don't make no power just sounds good. "

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  15. :lol: I wish.. I was just a tightwad all summer and saved every penny, never hardly went anywhere or had any fun.. kinda sucked, but it paid off! :D

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  17. Please do not go out and wreck your newly improved car :nonono:

    It happens WAY too often around here :(
  18. Don't worry Killy.. I am actually really scared of it after driving it in the cool weather, feeling what it is actually doing :eek:

    I know that sounds wussy, but damn.. i've never drove anything like that before.. it was nuts!
  19. you may have all this new found power but in the end your still "shrimp"
  20. I'll have your money by friday! :eek: :eek: