Finally.. Dyno Numbers..

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  1. Memphis is 204 miles from me which is about a 3-3 1/2 hour drive depending on traffic, but I can always crash at Helty's place the night before.... I hope! :D

    I'm still looking to get it dynoed again this fall tho, in case anyone wants to meet up then as well.

    Hey christie, prepare to meet your maker this spring! :mad:

  2. Congrats there brother!! Car sounds like a beast now, revs to 6300 rpm lol that's like a 4v now. I bet it's a whole new animal now. Car sounds awesome on the dyno as well, wanna def see some idle vids as well as some in car driving vids.
  3. Thanks catman! I love being able to rev it that far and how it feels like it wants to just keep on pulling! :drool:

    I'll definately try to get some vids tonight and tomorrow night.

    Tomorrow night i'm going to the track, so hopefully I can con some poor soul into making a vid of my car going down the track :D

  4. Nothing will help you if I decide to make a 12 hour trip just to race with you guys :eek: . :D J/K :lol:
  5. DO IT!!

    I have a feeling that I'll end up taking pictures more than racing :nice: that would be sweet..
  6. EDIT: NM, seen its for this spring sometime.
  7. Ive got a few stickers up my sleeve......
  8. ^You really need to get some weed killer for your yard....:D
  9. So are you callin me out? Making the call that teh Helty is going to win? :eek:

    If you are and give me a 3 month advace with a REAL date ill go and teach you a lesson :D J/K
    I may get owned lol...should be a fun race!
  10. We need to take them off Sunday!
  11. when and where man? i want them and the springs off the car asap.
  12. Wherever you want buddy, it's all your decision. I just want to be able to help my brother out.
  13. Can my car get a Csledd photoshoot? :D
  14. umm.. you're not worthy


  15. But... Come on... Please.. :(
  16. Teh stang chick has have been owned!!!!

    :shrug: LOL
  17. LOL!.. She pwnt me pretty good, guess it serves me right :(

    It's not like I was wanting a photoshoot of me.. just my car :shrug:

    :D :rlaugh:
  18. ^ :rlaugh:
    You know secretely you were wanting her to do a nude photoshoot of you!

    So thats why you cant sleep at night.... Trying to come up with a plan. And you blamed it on the cams :nonono:
    "Ok ill hide behind my car nude, and when she goes to take the picture ill run and jump and pull a dukes of hazzard slide over the hood!. AHAHAHA she will never expect it!"

  19. :eek:

    You caught me!.. Damn it, now my plan is ruined! :mad:

    The cats outta the bag, hotmustang knew exactly what I was planning on doing and then he told everyone! :bang:

    No surprise for Christie now! :(

    :rlaugh: :lol: :jester:
  20. ****.. im going to have nightmares.. i can already hear it now.. the scretching of skin across the hood of the car