Finally.. Dyno Numbers..

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  1. Oh don't lie christie.. You know you like the thought of it

    :puke: :rlaugh:
  2. :rlaugh:

    Darn, why couldnt we all live in the same town! Man you guys would be awsome to hang with lol...a freegin ton of stangs roaring down the highway, scaring the crap out of everyone :hail2:
  3. LOL!.. we would all be in jail by now probably :D

    But man that would be so much fun!
  4. She could protect us from Nasty Nate and Big Bubba! :eek:

  5. well, you're to the west, christie's to the east, we're already in the middle. why dont the two of you just move and make it easy on those of us who are in debt up to our eyeballs bc of our stangs :shrug:

    Little Rock's a nice little town, and Im going to need some partners to open Arkansas' first and only 1/4 drag strip.
  6. That's the spirit!

    I'm down for helty's idea!
  7. if we all lived in the same town I wouldn't hang out with any of you weirdos, all of you creep me out :p

    and hey.. i live like in between east/central.. i live in west ky, so yeah.. but no
  8. :( We are weirdos Jason LOL. :rlaugh: (hey a first for everything right?) AHAHAHA
  9. You're such a pessimist.. and a hater :nonono:

    Meany! :(

  10. :(.. But why us?.. I thought we were pretty normal :shrug:

  11. you live to the east (NE) of arkansas, hot331 lives to the west, thats what I was getting at ;)

    I guess that makes me and jason the **** in the middle :shrug:

    Man you're right though, we'd have a blast beating the hell out of some of the cars around here. I mean we all have some pretty damn quick GT's, which most people pass off as being slow.
  12. Hmm last time I checked I have 4Gs on the credit card because of this car :eek: ...your preaching to the wrong person LOL.
  13. Csledd = NE of AR

    Hotmustang = SW of AR

    Me and Helty = Right in the center of AR

    Come on guys! :SNSign:
  14. see CT. You know how much one of those things cost? In Ukraine no less!? :mad:
  15. :eek: More than 4Gs?

    (Note to self...stay near Csledd for protection when we are around helty. He may be a little View attachment 450263 . )

  16. FIXT!
  17. ^Yea you may want to have that fixed....that just doesnt sound right LOL.

    The CT makes it seem like you posted a thread in talk about a trip and got a little too detailed about your err activities LOL.
  18. damn im stuck in the west. road trip for all. you can make this your winter home. drive the stangs all year no problem