Finally Dyno Tuned after PI swap - 96 GT conv.

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  1. Hey guys -

    After about a year since I did the swap, although I only drove the car 800 miles of the last year, I finally took my car to Prodyno here in SC to get it tuned. Great shop, and great experience. She put down 260hp and 307tq. I figured that wasn't too bad for a pi head swap and basic bolt ons. One day I hope to do a 4V swap into it, but right now the priority is getting my new convertible top put on. I decided to spend the money and have a custom cloth top done, but in the saddle tan color the car came with. I should have it done within the next 2 weeks, so I'll post pictures when it is finished.

    96 GT conv., laser red, pi head swap, CAI, TB, BBK o/r x, Magnaflow cat back, 3.73 gears, H&R SS springs, tokico blues, Fidanza aluminum flywheel, 17x9 &10.5 bullitts.
  2. Not too shabby. Did you put a performance clutch in it when you did the flywheel? What about a tuner? Might be able to squeeze a little more out of it. Anyway good stuff! :nice:

  3. Yeah, it has a king cobra clutch in it. I also replaced the TOB since I was in there. If I learned on lesson when doing the PI swap, is do it right the first time and replace what you can while you have everything apart. I have an SCT tuner. The car baseline was 250 hp and 294 tq, so they did a good job of squeezing some more out of her.
  4. Good stuff man, not too bad for basic bolt ons.