Finally figured out a way to remove my headlights without breaking that little pivot stud.

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  1. I installed some new headlights recently and broke the upper pivot stud (the one that has the clip on the backside of the headlight panel). So I ordered a new passenger side housing from CJ and installed it today. I ended up having to remove it after I had it installed in order to file down the tabs on the upper adjuster so I could install the clip and ended up coming up with a nice way to remove the two lower adjusters without pulling on the housing itself. Pictures below.

    The one on top is the one of which I speak:

    Use a pair of needle nose vise grips (the real ones) to squeeze the tabs on the lower adjusters:

    Then use something (I used the rubber grip on a hammer) to push them out using the core support as leverage:

    I just wish it didn't always take me the third or fourth time installing something to figure out how to do it without breaking something.

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