Finally getting the 'stang out

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  1. Well it's been over 18 months since I've driven the 'stang. I always put it in storage during the winter, and last summer I didn't have enough money to put insurance on my car due to various other expenses, mostly college summer classes. But yesterday I called the insurance company and dropped the $$$ for 6 months of coverage. Tonite I should be ordering the new wheels I need since I have NONE at the moment. Then I'll just back her out of the garage, change the oil, drop in a new battery, and I'll be tearing up the roads again!!!! :banana: Just in time for my graduation from Ferris State University :D

    It's been a LONG 18 months guys, I don't know how I made it...wish me luck that nothing needs fixing after it's sat for so long.
  2. did you put in some fuel stabilizer?
  3. I store my car so much, it's actually become quite independant. Usually, after pulling it out after a few months, I take it, get it checked up, and there's never any problems whatsoever...

    I love my car. Love it.

    Oh, by the way, good luck re-finding all that low end grunt...keep the wheels down man!
  4. damn, 18 months! I thought the 6 months a year I don't drive my stang was a ton! Enjoy drivin a car with power again, everytime I drive my car for the first time after the winter it feels like a new car
  5. I just realized I havn't drove my stang for 6 months now:( The longest I've ever gone without driving it before this winter is 3-4 weeks.
  6. Yeah I put in fuel stabilizer, put it on jackstands, FORGOT to disconnect the battery so now I need a new one, it won't charge for crap...

    Oh man I can hardly wait. I miss that neck-snapping acceleration when ur cruising at about 25 mph in 1st gear and just floor it.

    The car needs a tune up (haven't done it in 4 years), and the last summer I drove it, some *****er dented my driver's side door (not a bad dent, but still annoying), I hit a fawn and broke a headlight (already have clear headlights/corners to put on), and the interior is a mess from taking out my cd changer to put in my DD. But other than those few issues, she should be ready to go.

    It's going to be a good summer...
  7. Congrats on getting the Stang out....and on graduation :nice:
  8. Hey while its up in the air bleed/change the brake fluid if you haven't already.
  9. hey i heard alot of hot girls go up to ferris and i know a few. so i dont think u missed the car that much :D i live in ann arbor btw
  10. It was so nice today, I opened the garage, took cover off and drove mine today too...took alittle spin, 1/2 mile...not registered or insured yet, and then let it come up to temp....everythings just fine...The AC was even cold... :nice:
    I top off the tank before I put it away and do an oil change to....all I need is some tags...
    18 months....must feel good to drive it again...