Finally Going To The Strip.

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  1. Its been about three years and 20xxx miles since I put the supercharger on the car. Its been about five or six years since my last trip to the drag strip. With weather permitting I'm going to the weekly test and tune tonight.

    The weather is iffy though. Even if it doesn't rain, the humidity and temperature are pretty high here in the St. Louis area. As long as they'll allow me, I will make some passes and get some numbers tonight.

    Did some test launches yesterday to get a feel for the car. I haven't really flogged her since the new clutch was installed. If the surface is good, I think she will do fine. If not, 1st gear will be useless but most of us are accustomed to that anyway.

    My pops is taking his Lightning down as well. This will be his first trip to the drag strip ever. I think he's excited, I know I am. I'll post up my times, assuming I get to run. Let you all know what happens and what 12k in performance and suspension mods does for a 115xxx mile car. God, don't let it break.

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  2. I went for the first time last Friday and had problems with the AFR's. Good luck
  3. Good luck man! Let us know what tires you're on too.
  4. Oh, when you said going to the strip I though...well, never mind, just have fun and let us know how you do.
  5. Good luck to the OP. You might find yourself going back soon!

    I thought you had it about nailed down last time you posted about it? What kind of issues did you have and how did it run?
  6. I thought so too. I still don't know what happened. Its tuned to run around 16-17:1 at idle, 13-15:1 cruising, and 10.5-11:1 @ WOT....and it does. For some reason, on my first pass it dropped down to 7-8:1 and ran horribly. Made a second pass and it did the same so I called it a night. My tuner is going to look at the tune when he gets back into town.
  7. Well, a disappointing turn. Got down to the gate to go in and was told there was a special event. It was a no go. Hoping to give it another shot next Wednesday.

    I'll let you know what happens then. I hate waiting.
  8. Any update? Did you get some times yet?
  9. Unfortunately no. The track schedule and rain wouldn't allow for a trip down on last Wednesday. Now I'm back to the second shift at work so who knows when I'll get back now.
  10. My 03 GT hasn't been to the track in about 5 years. I got a trans wiring harness coming in this week. If I can get it on the car by Friday, and if I get cancelled from work Friday night, then I'll be going to the track. I'm thinking I can get a 14.1 or even a 14 flat. Mine is a bolt-on auto equipped convertible GT.
  11. I hope you can make it happen. I will attempt to make again tomorrow night. The track confirmed its a regular test and tune night. Now I just need the weather to cooperate and I'll get some runs in. Fingers crossed for both of us.
  12. :nonono::nonono::nonono: :notnice::notnice: :nonono::nonono::nonono: :bang:


    So my night at the strip was unspeakably disappointing. The car threw a code just as I started the car to go to the track. I ignored it. Made 2 passes. To the awful tune of 15.28 @100 and 14.57 @ 92.34. The car was fine every other time I couldn't go to the track, then when I can go it takes a big ole dump. I'm furious.

    Codes are the always present P1000 and a P0102 (Low circuit voltage to the MAF. I'm so pissed I would almost rather the effin' thing blew up. Guess I have to suck it up and fix the POF.
  13. You're probably maxing your MAF out. Is it the stock one? I had the stock one back when I ran a Vortech. I could not get the car to run right even with tuning. So I went and bought an aftermarket MAF tuned for my injectors and the car became a complete animal.
  14. The MAF is nowhere near maxed out, or if it really is, you should plan on getting a new motor soon. The Lightning MAFs are good to over 500 rwhp.

    P1000 is the system not ready code. I get it pretty much every time I pull codes from the car. It will not alter the computer or tune in any way, so it's not hurting anything.

    The P0102 could be a couple things. Are you sure the MAF sensor is plugged in? If it's not, and the car is running on the LWFM table, and if that table was not calibrated properly, it could cause the car to lose a lot of power and/or not run like it's supposed to. The code could also result if the MAF sensor is dirty, like from an overly-oiled air filter. So maybe try cleaning the sensor.
  15. Alright Sneaky. I'll pull it off and clean it up again. Can you explain your comments on needing a new engine if its pegging? Also does the fact that it's in a blow thru configuration affect its rwhp capability? I wasn't exaggerating when I said it pegged the first time it saw boost on the dyno and that was with a larger pulley than I have now.

    Also, if cleaning it fixes the problem will the SES light go out on its own or will I have to clear it and drive it to see?
  16. What kind and brand of MAF did you get?
  17. My comment was regarding what the Lightning MAF sensors are capable of. They will make well over 500 rwhp. So if you really are pegging it, then you're making over 500 rwhp, and you're stock bottom end won't likely last long. I don't believe that you're making that kind of power, which is why I'm pretty confident that you aren't maxing the MAF sensor out.

    However, it appears that it isn't capable of making as much power with a blow-through setup as a draw-through (although it'll still make 450 rwhp, according to several sources). Also, it appears that it's a lot more finicky than a slot-style MAF in blow-through. I'm hearing that it is very sensitive to bends and curves in the piping, so make sure it has a good straight section that it's mounted in.

    You'll have to clear the light. Your X3 should do that.
  18. I bought a PMAS MAF calibrated for the 44 pound injectors I had. I've been out of the Mustang game for a while so I don't really know whats still out there. But SCT has a couple MAF sensors that look pretty good. And last I remember, Sniper also made one. Mine was a 95mm MAF that came with the electronics also. Right after I installed it, I could tell immediately after starting the car that it made a huge difference.
  19. I took it off and cleaned it. Cleared the code as well. I'm going to drive it to work today. If it will stay cleared great. Regardless, I'm thinking I need to convert to a blow through slot style MAF. Thinking a 3" or 3.5" housing and a SCT BA5000. Then another dyno tune to get it right.

    Sneaky, can you tell me more about the LWFM table? Is that something that tuners commonly adjust with the tune?
  20. im running 425rwhp through my lightning maf with 42lb great for me! I cant see you needing anything more than a lightning maf