finally going under the knife tomorrow...

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  1. we start the engine swap tomorrow morning. i'm preparing for a long day, and i'll be sure to take lots of pics. see sig for what's going in, wish me luck!

    ps--how the hell do you take the computer out??? i tried getting it out to get ready for the twEECer installation and couldn't for the life of me get it out from inside!! i unbolted the bracket that holds it in place, but it wouldn't come out--seemed like it was stuck or something.
  2. good luck mang! i hope all goes well
  3. Congrads, I hope all go well, be sure to label all your wires from old engine to new.
  4. you have to unhook the harness first then you should be able to pull it out. its tough.

    good luck with the swap
  5. Mine had a pad of sticky on the back of it. I don't know if that's a stock thing or not, as it had a chip in it already. You may need to pry it off of it. :shrug:

    Good Luck.

    I'll be pulling my engine next w/e. :D
  6. Good luck on the swap. Bag, Tag & pics will help.
  7. Good luck! If your mechanical inclined at all, which you must be, you will have no problems at all. Take you time and do stuff right, you'll be good. Don't forget to post some of the those pics for us too as well.
  8. ya its easier to remove the harness form the ECU first. i think its a 10MM bolt that holds the harness to the ECU
  9. Dang good luck bro!

    Not only does that thing look sweet, but now its going to have the power to back it up also. One of the sickest cars on Stangnet!
  10. thanks, guys. put in an 11-hour day today. gotta wake up in about 6 hours for another. i have pics, but i'm way too tired/lazy to post them up right now (only about 3, anyway).

    today: got the old crap out, painted pullies/misc stuff (and entire block, oil pan, heads, u/l intakes, pullies, etc) w/ high-temp paint, both 500* and 1200*. then we transfered all the stuff over to the explorer engine and were about to put it in when my bro-in-law's cousin called us over for dinner/beer.

    tomorrow: finish (and tune w/ twEECer). i honestly don't think we'll finish completely, but we're shooting for it.

    my hands hurt and are cut/sore.

    i'm tired.

    it'll all be worth it, no doubt.
  11. Wait till you wake up all sore and stiff tomorrow. Oh wait, you're young. Nevermind. :D

    Good luck with getting it all finished up Paul!
  12. HaHa! I'm always sore after a hard days work at the garage, it will be worth it in the end though. Good luck.
  13. personally, i wish i could spend more time doing that :(
  14. Good Luck man. Hope everything runs perfect the first start up!
  15. Sounds like the project went into the nighttime hours. :bang:
  16. just got home, put in another 13 hours. got everything in and turned it on... DAMN!!!!!!! h/c/i (though a junkyard set-up) FTW!!!!11

    messed a little w/ the tweecer--got it installed (in the car, routed the wiring, etc, and got it loaded on the laptop). we didn't do much after that, though--another friend called us over for food/beer.

    gonna install the 4.10's tomorrow--i can only imagine what that's gonna be like. i'll try and get some video w/in the next few days, and i'll post pics tomorrow.

    we had a hell of a time w/ the throttle body set-up. i had ALL the stuff for the fox tb swap, but my brother-in-law really wanted to use the explorer one since it's considerably bigger than the fox's. he wound up fabbing up a way to put the throttle quadrant on top of the explorer tb (and we used my stock tps/iac, too!) while i put misc stuff on (pullies, belt, radiator, fan, routed wiring, etc). headache, though, we got it done.

    i'm really gonna hve to look into tuning w/ the tweecer... so much crap to mess with!!
  17. You would have that car done if you stopped going for food and beer! lol

    Don't you know you are supposed to bring you own food and beer, so you don't have to stop. lol
  18. hehe!

    just got home, put in another 12 hours. i really need to snap some pics (uploading the ones i do have, though) of my "cai" made of two different stock tubes + my maf/act.

    engine's running strong! w/ the stock 3.08's, it'll squeel the tires at any rpm in the first few gears!

    can't drive the car, though. i'm having some trouble w/ the 4.10 installation (please see my thread in Tech section). i really didn't wanna install the gears today--just wanted to work on the tuning and get the details taken care of. my bro-in-law wasn't going to be able to do it for a while, though, so we dug into it today. there's play in the pinion--don't know if it's because of the pinion bearing or too small a crush sleeve, but we gotten get it fixed asap as the car is my dd (and so i can take pics/video!!).

    i'll be back w/ the pics i have.
  19. Can't wait to see the pics :nice:
  20. you will be sadly disappointed... i only have 3, 1 of which is my engine, hehe.

    "custom" throttle body. really, it's the one off the explorer--got rid of the 90* elbow and bolted it up sideways with my iac and tps. my bro-in-law (who's a sociologist, hehe) fabbed up a bracket for the throttle cable/cruise control cable using my original tb quadrant. works quite well and pushed the gas pedal up more even w/ the brake and clutch pedals. gonna need to put a stop at the back of the pedal, but it's definately nicer than having it way down into the carpet. going the fox-tb route would've been much more simple, and the tb elbow adapter would've taken too long to get here, but we really wanted to use the explorer tb as it looked way bigger than the fox tb and my orig.

    foxbody my bro-in-law's brother (guy who painted my car) is building up:
    color's some house of color purple. definately nice for the color.

    the engine my bro-in-law built for him:

    i'd really rather finish up the details before i take pics. gotta take care of the cai, paint some misc stuff (throttle body, power steering pump), then i'll get some decent pics and vids by the end of the week.

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