Finally Got It Right, Exhaust - The Best Of Two Worlds

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  1. After owning the car for 14 years I finally found the "Perfect" exhaust setup.

    I always wanted free flow exhaust, with rumbling sound at idle, and a nice scream when gowing WOT, but I didn't want the loud booming sound when cruising.

    After years of trial and error, I have found a combination that does the trick.

    I replaced the headers with repro HiPo manifolds.
    I installed a H-pipe.
    I installed two Dynomax VT mufflers (the ones that opens and closes).
    I put two resonators behind the mufflers.

    At cruising we measured 72 db inside the car.

    My friend did the same with his stroked 289 and is also very pleased.

    I just wanted to share this for those who seek the same solution.