Finally got my 1st Fox!!!


Jul 3, 2004
Yesterday, I finally got what I have wanted for a long time. I picked up a 91 LX coupe which is my 1st Fox body. I already have an 03 Mach 1 in my stable which is my baby, & I have owned 3 SN95's which include a 95 GT, 96 GT, & a 97 Cobra. But I have never had a Fox & I have been yearning for a white coupe. I traded my Canary yellow 95 GT for this car after I removed all the good parts from the 95 that will swap over....

The coupe is unmolested & in excellent shape, & runs great, & besides the fact its an AOD, its exactly what I wanted. I will be swapping out the AOD for a 5 speed in the next few months & then I will be doing a 5 lug swap & installing my black deep dish 03 Cobra's that were on the 95. I eventually will swap out the porno red interior, although it is in good shape, but I want all black interior....I also have the Bilsteins & MM LCA's that were on the 95 & these will be on the car in a few weeks. For now, the car is bonestock besides sportlines, BBK o/r h, & magnaflow catback.

Anyway, here she is.....










Porno Red interior in all its glory....LOL!!! This will eventually get swapped out but honestly, I dont mind it much....




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Jul 3, 2004
Thanks guys... Although I will miss the sleek & sexy lines of my SN95, I am very happy with this car. i cant wait to see what the wheels look like too...

Here are the wheels I am referring too... I know since they are 17X10.5 in the rear, it will take a bit of modding, but i know I can get these to fit. I will probably need a 285/35/17 tire, quad shock removal, fender rolling, & I will beat in the inner fender a bit...



Jul 3, 2004
Nice find man congrats...I recommend u keep the quad shocks unless u want to go airborn....
Thanks......I will if they fit, but i have MM lower control arms & quads arent needed when you have better bushings in the LCA's...I will try to keep them on though. maybe if i remove the dust boot they will fit??


I think I have a problem here.
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Jul 27, 2001
Canton, MI
Very nice, I was looking for pretty much that exact car for my new daily driver before I ended up buying the G35. I love a white notch :drool:


Jul 3, 2004
why are you covering the plate of the fox if youdont cover the mach's?

really nice fox. rock the red its great looking.
sweet car, that interior is clean i would keep it red, looks good.
Thanks guys...I will most likely keep the red for a long time. As far as why I was covering only the fox plates because I havent registered it in my name yet & its still in the previous owners name since DMV isnt open on the weekend. I usually dont show my plates at all, but i have posted my personalized plates on stangnet before, so no need to hide em I guess?? Why do we block our plates anyway???


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Mar 13, 2004
Dupont PA
If your running better control arms and bushings i would ditch the quads also. I don know what the hell people are talking about going airborne?? Thats just crasy talk. I dont run quads on my car and i dont have any wheel hop issues. And fwiw my 26x10.5 sportsmans would rub the quads they barely miss the tailpipes.
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