Finally got my deep dish 10th anniversary Cobra wheels!!!

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  1. someone told me they were coming out with those.... damn they look good.. can't wait to see them... way to make me even more jealous lol
  2. Those are some sharp looking wheels man!
  3. my god you ever quit? lol i think that your notch will need to be nominated as SOTM next haha

    you truly have 2 badass cars that just keep getting better and better.

    I love the wheels, they are going to make your notch look SICK!!
  4. Stay tuned...Gimme about 2 or 3 weeks & they will be mounted...

    The ones you are talking about are the 50resto ones with the large front lip...They dont look as good IMO...


    U know these are for the Notch, not the Mach right???:nice:

    LOL!!! thanks guys:jaw:
  5. Damn! Nice find! Those will look great on the Notch!

    I'd kinda like to see them on the Mach too! Those FR500's would look good on the notch.;)
  6. Never say never. Try em on for size and see what you think. :D
  7. Yeah that's a solid deal - I actually had correspondence with them about driving down to pick up a paid but I'd really like some extra horses under the hood right now :(
  8. Holy ****! Those wheels look great!

    Dammt!! You had to go and make a badass car even more bad ass!
  9. Those are the exact same wheels that I want for my car... I saw them on Ebay about a week ago and I just :jaw: .

    They are going to look sexy. Drop dead sexy.
  10. looks pretty nice, like to see them on the car keep us updated

  11. I might give em a try on the Mach 1 day, once I can get some tires...

    I hear ya, I really wasnt in the market 4 wheels, but once I saw them, I had to do it....

    Thanks guys, stay tuned they should be installed soon & U know I will definitely post up pics....:flag:
  12. Great dude, just make the notch look even better. I told you not to keep doing that because you are making me want another one!!!! :mad:

    JK--those are super nice rims, I was checking those out the other day myself. Those will look sick on the notch. :nice:
  13. In looking through the craigslist post they had awhile back, it showed both the style you purchased as well as the the black painted spokes in their file picture for the DD 10th anny wheels, OE wheels is in sarasota, and they were offering cheap shipping about a month ago on these too!
  14. Call them up and ask for Lance - he may still hook you up with the deal.
  15. He didnt say never... :scratch: Mabey there was something changed in the translation between English and Canadian :shrug:

    Anyway, Epik thoes things look really great and I cant wait to see them on the car :nice:
    BTW, I think the FR500s on your Mach look killer :drool:

    I need a better job, I can just barley afford my car. No room for mods :(
  16. Your right, I didnt say never....

    Thanks Laser!!! Its not like your car needs anything else anyway, hell I would trade u all three sets of my wheels for your HRE's!!!:hail2:
  17. Done! When you wana send them?
    Put the FR500s on the Cobra (just to piss off Gearbanger :p) and put some racing rubber on the DD 10ths for fun days :banana: ..... Whats the third set?
  18. The DD black 03 cobras
  19. Deep dish 03 Cobras....


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  20. FR500's FTMFW!!!!!:D:p:canada: