Finally got my deep dish 10th anniversary Cobra wheels!!!

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  1. Yep, deal! When you wana do this? I am serious. R U? :p
  2. Nice... I'm jealous. I can't wait to see pics of it on the car. :nice:
  3. I was joking, but I looooooove your wheels though!!!:D
  4. OK, you can keep the new wheels. Ill just take the FRs and the DD 03s :D
  5. Sick Dustin! Can't wait to see them on the notch. I was never a huge anniversary wheel fan, but those are sweet! :)
  6. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!! thats whats up bro. I just saw them in the new 5.0 mag in the 5.0 resto ad, and wanted to scoop up a set real quick before anyone got them. Those look sick as hell.

    Btw, where did you find those DD 03 cobra wheels black with the silver lip?????
  7. Looking clean as always bro ! Been cruising around here lately..???
  8. Those are 17x10's in the rear??

    Not 10.5's?

    Hmm, what brake setup you gonna use in the back? I'm curious to how they fit with the quads and tailpipes.

    Do they come in 18's??
  9. Thanks bro!!!

    These are actually different than the 50resto version. The ones 50resto makes look weird because the fronts have a deep lip unlike these that are similar to a front FR500....

    I got the black deep dish 03 Cobra's from Wheelreplicas & they are now discontinued which is the reason I am holding on to them 4 now....

    Thanks justin...I been cruising, but not as much as last year. its been pretty dead in Sac lately.....

    Yup, only 10" in the rear. Im gonna run Ranger 5 lug drums for now since Im on a tight budget, but i will upgrade later to Cobra rear brakes with the North Racecar brackets....

    They are only available in 17" as far as I know??
  10. Cool. I'll be interested to see how it fit.

    I want to switch my SN95 setup to the north race car brackets, but i want a set of wheels where i can keep my tailpipes.
  11. My buddy has an 88 coupe with ranger axles & drums, with 18x10 FR500's & his Bassani tailpipes clear just fine....
  12. Sweet wheels man. How much do they weigh?
  13. Thanks... Im not too sure how much they weigh because I dont have a scale here....
  14. Dude, you just never stop haha. Cant wait to see em mounted, im sure they will look sick. Always liked the 10th wheels and wondered what a DD would look like. Havent been out for a sac cruize in forever, been mad busy with school stuff. Kinda wanted to try to get to sac raceway once this year, wonder if its still open :rolleyes:
  15. Hey Epik, can I "borrow" your DD Cobras for a bit? :p
  16. i think the ones on are the same, they just put up pictures of the rear deep dish as a picture for the front wheels for all the colors. I could be wrong though:shrug:
  17. Nope...They are different 4 sure.... Heres the 50resto wheels.....







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  18. the front ones look like **** in those pics but the rears look good.too much dish up front for that wheel.u get em on th notch yet?
  19. IMHO i don't really mind the lip on the front. I would MUCH rather have the set EPIK copped but i would say the other ones look horrible
  20. Not yet...Still need axles & front tires....

    Normally I like deep dish front, but for some reason I dont like em on those wheels....