Finally got my deep dish 10th anniversary Cobra wheels!!!

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  1. couldn't agree more epik,i normally think a dish looks good front and rear but those wheels it just doesnt work at all,the set you got are way nicer for sure.
  2. I love the 10th anniv wheels, those look sweet:nice:
  3. any pics on these yet? i was google and seen epicks sig lol , well i found the deep dish 10th anniversary on latemodel restoration in black and i fell inlove with them!!!
  4. Sorry... No pics of em on the car yet because I have been too busy to finish the 5 lug swap. It should be done on a week or so & u guys know me, i will have tons of pics up....Stay tuned....
  5. hey well i found somene else who sales them now!!!..
    here is some pics ...

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  6. Those are the 50resto version & IMO, the fronts dont look as good because they are deep dish....

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  7. i found them on they r the **** imo
  8. I hear ya, I just dont care for the deep front lip, but different strokes for different folks right!!!

    These are the ones u are looking at.....






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  9. ughh can't wait to see them on there. hurry!!! :D
  10. yeah those r it, i seen them on there site. But i should be ordering the black ones here soon ..
  11. "SVE" lol.
  12. Yeah, I saw that too. Haven't heard that term in a while (Special Vehicles Engineering) Not since the old '97 SuperStallion Concept.


    SVE was kind of a hybrid suport team created to bridge the gap between the old SVO and SVT programs

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  13. Do you know which company is selling them? i was about to buy the ones on 50resto right now and then i just read this so good thing i didnt i guess. thanks