FINALLY got my engine+transmission pulled!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Cammed90Notch, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. After breaking several tools, welding them back together, distorting myself in all kinds of unhealthy positions under the car, cutting a big chunk out of my right index finger, I got the drivetrain pulled

    :nice: :flag:

  2. Cool, How long did it take to get it out?
  3. long did it take ya....

    Let's see some pics of the engine bay without the engine ( I would go ahead and clean out the bay real good while you got it out)

  4. Wow, doing it outside? Here in indianer..... we here folks would be icesicles in bout 5 minute... where u at? that dem there florida or sumthing? Cheers to ole #7
  5. well, I ran into a few speed bumps (1st time at this), so I was at it from 10am-6pm :)

    I'll get some pics of the empty bay soon. I'm planning on welding all of the holes shut w/ my Hobart 135, sanding, priming, and also trying to find someone who sand blasts or bead blasts it so I can get all of the old paint off. I'm planning on making the engine bay the same color as the car. The colors in the engine bay will just be like black and chrome/polished/silver :) . So that's what the plans are :)
  6. I'm in SC. It is rathe cold. Several times I had to warm my hands 'cause I was loosing feeling in them :D
  7. You will get better. Last time I pulled the motor in my '87 it took about 2 hours.
  8. one of the things that slowed me up was that my tools were unorganized, and I was interrupted a few times. I skipped lunch so I could get it done before dark, and I was putting all of the tools up while the sun was going down :nice:

    also, several of the attachments to the transmission were giving me problems
  9. God job, and with the transmission attached no less. :nice:

    I'll probably be doing that same thing tomorrow and replacing the old engine with the new one in my sig. Its only been on the stand waiting for 18 months. :rolleyes: I wont be pulling the trans, though.
  10. Thanks 65Shelbyclone :flag:

    I've been trying to get it done the past few weeks (or months! :rlaugh: ) but several times my Saturdays were "booked up," but this one was clear. It was snowing on Friday, so I'm glad it wasn't snowing yesterday, my parents really wouldn't have liked me being out there. My mom kept coming to the door saying, "Are you cold?" or "You're going to get sick, you need to come inside," etc. :D
  11. Yeah, you'll get MUCH quicker at'll learn what doesn't need to be unbolted, memorize where every bolt/connector goes and what size it is and what not. Becomes second nature. :nice:
  12. yeah its the truth It use to take me a day now i can do it in about an hour or so. I know of all the bolts, youll get better
  13. How hard is it to put in a cam?
  14. no that hard.

    If the engine is in the car still, remove the condensor/radiator. Also, make sure you cover the cam in lube (I think most cams come w/ it). When I first pulled mine, I was NERVOUS. I also had to sorta roll the cam while pulling it b/c somethings the lobes would get caught. Just go SLOW. You can buy a cam tool to attach to the end, or just use a bolt (what I did). Also, make sure the lifters are out of their bores, or suspended so they don't nick the cam either :nice: If you have any more questions let me know :)
  15. Thanks Cammed90 for the info

    Black 93 Fox
  16. You don't even have 3 feet of snow, stop crying and take it like a man!!! JK Good for you I will be doing the same tomorrow.....
  17. That sounds familiar. My big stumbling block was money at first, then more recently it was classes, now its money again. I started tearing mine down today and it took about 4.5 hours total to get it ready to pull. Now I discovered my engine mounts are very, very dead, so throw that on top of getting a flywheel before thursday. My mom worries about me too; she thought I was going to wrestle out the old longblock by myself since my dad doesnt have time to help until friday. I wasnt going to, but I may take it out myself anyway :p. All the bolts are out, just need to hook and pull.
  18. man look at all thoes tools sittin on the ground. :nonono: just playing. :nice:

    How much would a engine lift cost?
  19. A useable new one will set you back anywhere from $150-300+. Used will obviously be alot less.

    The one I use has to be 10 years old or more and the cylinder is blown. It moves about 1/4" per pump stroke. Handy for delicate lifting, but it also bleeds down and leaks everywhere. Oh well, I traded it for a worn out .22 rifle that was given to me.