Finally got my ride, opinions welcome.

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Zax, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. Hey Zax, do you still have her? Also how are ya doing?
  2. Don't change a thing man it looks great. I think the bumper inserts are o.k. It breaks up the murdered out black look a little bit, but its a toss up kinda thing though. It doesn't bother me looking at it now, but it might get old after a while. The hood is nice and I love black wheels on a black car. Great mean stance too. Congrats!:nice:
  3. 18" dd fr500's, no chrome inserts, and that cowl looks "Right".
  4. I thought it was a termy at first.
  5. x2
  6. I love your car!! I would take some of the black outs off and add more chrome. Change the wheels, it would look awesome!!

  7. Don't add any chrome.

    In my opinion that's the perfect cobra color combination, it screams mean, sinister, & bad to the bone. Hope you didn't change the wheels, it has the perfect balance of polished lip and black that accentuates the entire package.

    One suggestion, darken the tint.

    Sweet ass cobra!
  8. Nevermind my post.
  9. Good looking ride bro...I dig it.
  10. Rdy to sell her now, looking for and 03-04. Havent even had a chance to drive much as the winter weather kept her in the garage except a handfull of nice days