Finally Got One!

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  1. Well Finally I got a new to me Mustang. Its a 2011 GT and it's been a long time coming. I am going to pick it up Saturday and I can't wait. Its got the side scoops and hood scoop. They will be coming off so if anyone in Indiana close wants to trade a stock black hood for one with a hood scoop that will be the first thing I do. Also plan on removing the side scoops. Has the Brembo package witch I love and a 6 speed. It's got leather with blue stitching. I feel like a kid all over again. I can't wait. I had a 68 fastback 390 for my first car and wrecked it. Next came an 85 5.0. Sold it after owning it for 6 years. Then I restored a 68 F100 short bed that I still have. Won't ever sell that old truck. I will post some pics of my Camaro killer when I get her home Saturday.
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  2. Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see the pics!
  3. I snapped a pic of it when I got home with it on Sunday. I am going to give her a bath and coat of wax this weekend and will get some better pics. I love this car. I can't express how much with words. And once I figured out how to turn off all the traction control features it became a different animal all together. I can't stop smiling lol. She will be sharing the barn with my 68 F100 this winter. And I will be back to the Ranger when the snow hits. img20121111164438.jpg

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  4. Sweet! I love the louvers! The F100 looks amazing, too.
  5. Very clean! Looks great!
  6. Nice car and I love that truck!

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  7. The rims and the hood look cool! If I got a Coyote, it would have been either the black or the Kona blue!!