Finally got pics of my 94 gt up!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 94 GT Must., Jan 3, 2004.

  1. the cars pretty dirty, too cold outside to wash it... so excuse her dirtyness, but im gonna get some better ones up soon, just lookin for some feedback, positive or negative doesnt matter to me i just want people opinion on what it looks like... what would look good added to it or takin away, i basically just bought it and am very new to cars, im gonna get a pic of under the hood and the specs still to come...

    and yes those skinny peices of rubber are 225's :( all i could afford to borrow from my parents at the time :notnice:


  2. im glad to see you got em posted....any time you need more help just shoot me a PM....

  3. thx man^ gotta love mustang :)
  4. Congrats!
    Man do "I" have BIG plans for YOUR car! :D
  5. :banana:

    need all the help i can get... and when it comes to under the hood.. :shrug:

    not sure if im even allowed to boost its power, it was hard enouph convincing the parents that i can handle a car like this... it does have a few mods already...(still have to get the info on those) but i knew the guy i bought it off...

    but i would definately appreciate your expertise, since you know quite abit about your stangs :hail2:
  6. looks good man
  7. Cool...Nice tires/wheels on it, got the hood, I'd say you did alright. :nice:
    I would lose that Baby Blue interior tho....Thats a tad much for me..
  8. Looks like you got a good start there. If it were mine...To start with I'd get beefier tires for the rear, taller and wider, and lose the blue stuff in the interrior...Lookin good though. :flag:
  9. ^thx for the replys

    but yeah i thot the interior was a bit ricey too.. needed the seat covers for work tho and they were cheap. Then of course my wonderful grandma thot she would get me all the interior to match... :nonono: (all walmart merchandise :rolleyes: )

    so im drivin around with it all at the moment, thats until i can afford to get new seats and a new momo wheel... mideaswell since im not really allowed any performance mods :notnice:

    what color interior should i go for? i was either thinking black, grey and white, maybe even a darker blue(like the floormats).. havent made up my mind yet, too many choices... :shrug:

    oh yeah if you look closely at my interior you'll see im "sponsored" by XR racing :rlaugh: :hail2:
  10. like the hood but i'm with Nik_92 i'd loose the baby blue interior

    other wise nice car
  11. Just my opinion but rather than a MOMO wheel I'd get the ford racing one. It has a fatter grip and you don't have to lose your air bag., you can reuse your old airbag.
  12. if you want the grey bottom halfs of the interior for the two tone id think about swapping my grey pieces for your black....

  13. that steering wheel makes me want to barf...along with those seat covers. Where do you work? And if it's that dirty...damn, that poor stang is never gonna be clean. Are the seats leather underneath? It's a shame to be covering up a beautiful black leather interior with apparel that's synonymous with the baby blue crew. If you can't make it faster...can you atleast make it louder? exhaust? hehe...
  14. woah guy chill out....the baby blue might not be the best looking but its not that awful....and if he is covering up leather seats because of where he works then whats wrong with that....he is still gonna have brand new looking seats 5 years from now when mine and yours look like CRAP!

  15. I'm calm man, and I wasn't being malicious or anything, so if you or him took my response to be in anyway offensive, I appologize. I just have a vendetta against baby blue...and sometimes it gets the better of me. and I was just saying, it's a shame to cover up such nice seats. I do take care of mine though, and they still look damn good...I wish I had his interior though, I don't care much for the black and grey two-tone
  16. yeah ill give that some thot anthony, might be interested in doin that with ya :nice:

    and for the record the seats are not leather, just the stock grey and black seats... and im a concrete finisher, i always wear long johns or a 2nd pair of pants under neath so i can make the switch into clean clothes...for the amount of dirt i get on me, i do a good job of keepin it of my stang :canflag:

    and i already have flowmaster exhaust :D thx for the suggestion tho...

    well, thanks guys, got honest feedback EXACTLY what i wanted :nice:
  17. Oh damn! you just saved me like 1,500$.. when i asked about how much it costs to get the air bag refilled thats the price i was quoted :(

    i also heard the ford racing wheels are a little more expensive tho, but i guess you pay for quality :)
  18. Yeah it's part #M-3601-B, and lists for 195. You reuse your airbag and cruise.