Build Thread Finally Got Some Work Done - 56k Death

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 1991vert, May 3, 2007.

  1. tell me you did the suspension upgrades before you put the motor in right????
  2. that would have been wayyy to easy
  3. Hey, he has to prolong the completion of this thing somehow. Why, if he finished putting it together and started it up he'd probably have a few issues to deal with and who wants that :nonono:
  4. correct :shrug:
  5. measure once cut twice right??
  6. i like that team z k-memeber more than the UPR, they at least took the time to drill holes for the motor mount locating tabs
  7. [​IMG]

    car went back on the ground w/ the motor/transmission back in so i decided to take a few pictures. also, i had some items powdercoated
  8. done


    having trouble with the bigstuff3 box. it's not firing the injectors and now it's not priming the fuel pump. i'm trying to get this resolved. meanwhile, enjoy the pictures
  9. i'd suggest you rip that motor and trans out and tear it down right away, or else you may have to drive that beast :D
  10. dropped it off this morning to get's not an all out balls to the walls tune, but it'll let me putts around town, get a sticker, an alignment, etc.. hopefully i'll have it back thursday.

  11. My most favorite project car on here............

    Pretty damn cool!:nice:
  12. your engine setup is simular to mine, im exited to see what yours puts down. Very nice work wish my vert loooked like your vert
  13. im guessing 310 to the tires
  14. thanks, i've always been a fan of your notch


    it's not getting a full blown tune yet, just something so i can get a sticker, alignment, and put some miles on stuff before it goes balls to the walls. it still has bbk shorties and the stock h-pipe on it. i know it's absolutely going to kill the power, but i told him don't go crazy with it. as soon as i get a sticker, i have a 3" exhaust setup to go on it and also an 8" crank pulley for more boost
  15. thanks cobra. it's been a long road...kind of glad it's over, but at the same time wish it wasn't done. these cars are never done though, i guess haha
  16. Has Mike called you yet?
  17. take my advice, get a driveable tune put 200 miles on it to shake it out, then get your pullies together and do a couple tunes at once, I have a 700hp tune but I drive the car on a 550hp tune and its much more enjoyable. the last thing you want to have to do is yank it all out, (ive done that)

    good luck buddy
  18. talked to him when i dropped the car off yesterday and my dad talked to oscar today

    thanks. ya that's what i want to do. cruising around town with the max power tune would be retarded, especially since i wont see over 35-40mph unless i'm in the highway. i'm going to keep the tune he's making right down and use it for inspection, then i'll have a "normal" tune, then a tune for the 1/4