Build Thread Finally Got Some Work Done - 56k Death

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 1991vert, May 3, 2007.

  1. hey i have that pocket knife! :nice:

    git'r duun man!
  2. anddddd more


    update on the engine: have to bring him the valve covers and it's done. he will dyno and break in the engine the week of 10/29 :nice:
  3. Sick...intercooler looks nice all tucked up in there like a bug in a rug.

    Going to be a sick combo.
  4. Badass as always, now get it done so you can possibly enjoy it once or twice before the bad weather hits.
  5. motor is going on the dyno tomorrow at 8am. i should have a video up tomorrow of the start up :D
  6. first pull it made 423 ft/lbs TQ and 429 HP

    final pull before we concluded i have some valve float going on was 425 ft/lbs TQ and 454 HP
  7. hmm guess no one cares
  8. That's a bad ride man. Can I go for a ride in it?
  9. LOL at those speakers.......

    You are making some nice progress!
  10. When does it come home and when is the approximate install? Dibs on the first ride :banana:
  11. Nice man, i know you cant wait to get it all back together!
  12. wont be until after new years. the new valve springs should be in monday and i'll hear back from my engine builder

    edit: yes dave you can have first. and ragtop, if you live anywhere remotely close you can have a ride too lol
  13. Man your car is Nice ! :nice: It's gonna fly with that motor.
  14. [​IMG]

    motor is in the car, but it's obviously not done yet. i'll post up some more when i make some progress
  15. Oooh. Supercharger. Looks really good.
  16. No really?

    Looks great keep up the good work. Havent heard from you in awhile!
  17. Nice dude. I'm tellin ya now: powdercoat that blower to match the valve covers!
  18. possible?