Build Thread Finally Got Some Work Done - 56k Death

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 1991vert, May 3, 2007.

  1. have to take it apart, but yea it's possible. It would look sick if you did the main engine accessories to match the valve covers, vs. having random colors all over the place. Or put it this way: if you ever have to rebuild the blower I'm taking it to coat it :nice:
  2. +1
  3. That $100 or so to powdercoat the blower wont make it faster though :D
  4. a) it'll be fast enough
    b) it'd cost less than $50 - love da hookup!
  5. Didn't know you could make a car fast enough :rlaugh: . But I guess $50 or so isn't bad really. You have northeast do your work?
  6. Ohh you have a hookup Dave?

    Hrmmmm makes me think!

  7. Only thing I am worried about is the engine lasting. Do yourself a favor and buy a good oilfilter.FRAM=JUNK
  8. it's their race filter. $10/filter it better last.
  9. i'm gonna look into the fram issue, but the motor wont run for a few more months.

    i mounted the fuel rails, but didnt have time to cut the lines. also, the trickflow box R just BARELY makes it in there. i'll have it milled just a little

    pics tomorrow!
  10. if my boss saw me working with an adjustable wrench he would throw it off the roof.he would than say in a angry voice "get the rite tool for the job". looks good though!
  11. after this "project" i'm gonna have to buy a new socket set and set of wrenches. i lost them all! :doh:
  12. you better have videos because thats the same setup i wanna build some day
  13. Im thinkin you should chrome that alarm siren :flag:
  14. I'm J.

    whats it run you so far ?$$?
  15. enough :nono:
  16. plopped in my old T5 to keep the engine level so i can start on the intercooler piping. also got the belt routed.

  17. It looks good and is comming along nicely but..."We need to talk" :)