Build Thread Finally Got Some Work Done - 56k Death

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 1991vert, May 3, 2007.

  1. pro trans 900 ordered :D
  2. :hail2: lookin good!
  3. I like how you have the regulator mounted but it would look a bit cleaner if you made a bracket to bolt onto the water pump bolts right in front of the distributor, plus you'd have shorter lines to deal with. I love those valve covers....gotta get me a set :D
  4. Looks good! Where did you get those valve cover studs? I would love to be done with trying to line the valve cover and gasket up with the holes while trying to put the bolts in.

    Looks pretty similar to my engine build. Keep the updates coming!
  5. ARP sell them (not sure if that's what he's got or not).
  6. everything is pretty much arp on this motor lol. except the distributor hold down, maybe they dont make one? :shrug:

    the bracket will be trimmed, tack welded, and powder coated black. the holes in the bracket will be filled too.

    after this project is done, my wallet is going on a vacation :rolleyes:
  7. looking good.
  8. Get it done already!!! Gotta see it at the shows this year.
  9. do you think i should move it? i mounted it there so i could just dump the return line closer towards the fender
  10. Sweet setup, can't wait to see it done.
  11. really rough mock get the point :D

  12. got some work done so i'll post pics meow

  13. Lookin good meow! Very interesting setup. Can't wait to take a ride :nice:
  14. Interesting way to route the pipes but IMO the airpath is way to long, and to many hard bends.... How hard are you going to spin the Novi?? Your actually going to pick up a lot of heat from the pipe being that close to the header, it will increase the air temp a good bit.

    I tried a few set-ups when I custom built a set-up for a SN series car using a V2 SQ, picked up quite a bit by changing the pipes around, the less bends the better...

    Can you use the upper pointing either direction?

    Looks good though :nice:
  15. ya i could switch it either way. the only thing i was concerned with doing it that way was the throttle cable binding and having the throttle stick wide open. unless i flipped the throttle body upside down. i might be able to do that with the new hood. then i'd lose my power pipe. when i thought about routing it down near the headers my thought was it's going to get cooled off by the intercooler before it goes back into the intake. i'd like to spin it upwards of 15psi
  16. I agree, I think an intercooler with both the inlet and the outlet on the same side would help to remedy that problem. Just my .02, and just something to think about. The build looks awesome though, can't wait to see it when its all done.
  17. That would save about 2 miles of IC piping :lol:

    Looks great though, that thing should fly!
  18. lol i'll see what i can come up with by turning the intake around today:D