Build Thread Finally Got Some Work Done - 56k Death

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 1991vert, May 3, 2007.

  1. okay so i thought of 2 ways...



    either way the blower exit is going to look similiar to this...
  2. I like that 2nd routing, that looks badass :nice: Got to be smoother than the original setup too.

    edit: is that dryer vent tubing for mock-up?
  3. ya just for mock up. #1 probably is the smoothest, but #2 brings it away from the headers
  4. hey chris have you thought about ditching the washer fluid resevior and running the intake pipe through there?
  5. ya, but i kinda wanna keep the windshield washer fluid resevoir. might need it when it comes to inspection time :-D

    i guess i could always put it on my pass side seat and run it from there when inspection comes haha
  6. axe'd the fluid resevoir.

    do you think i'd get enough pressure if i mounted it in the trunk for the 1 time/yr i'd use it for inspection?
  7. Just monkey-rig it up somehow come inspection time.
  8. Chris, you can remount it in the fender after your get your pipes done, if your inspection place checks it all it has to do it work, it doesn't have to be easy ti I actually mount the radiator overflow in the trunk area all the time, this will prevent any fluid hitting the rear tires if it ever spits up, this is a must for a race car.

    If you ditched that you can make the bends nice and smooth up to the intake, if you wanted you could actually bring it out through the panel that would be behind the stock battery location.

    Look at the pic I posted of the ATI on the SN series car, the pipe leaving the blower swoops down, goes near the frame rail and then goes into the intercooler via a 90 degree rubber elbow. that same design will work for you but instead of curving to the blower you'll attach it to the intake.

  9. [​IMG]

    this is kinda what i was going for... i moved the horns out of the way and removed the windshield washer resevoir. i'll see if i can cram it back in there somehow lol
  10. [​IMG]

    90* out of the intercooler. i'm sick of fighting with this thing lol
  11. ordered my new hood

    i'd just like to thank everyone for their opinions on the intercooler crap and anyone who participated in the survey thread i made :D
  12. [​IMG]

    off to paint soon. gotta call tomorrow to see when i can get it in
  13. Nice. Sexy rotors :drool:
  14. pretty sick, you should rotate the case of the paxton like that guy thats a pretty trick looking setup, nice smooth path for the air to go.

    And as far as inspections go... what inspections, i believe my car has a sticker thats good until june of 2004. no tickets yet
  15. i actually ended up doing this...kind of my only option with a curved discharge