Finally have a DD, and can let the stang rest

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  1. Yesterday we spent the day looking for a used Uplander for the wife. After 12 hrs of searching we signed the papers on a 2006 Uplander. Now I will get the 08 Grand Prix to drive daily. Still keeping license and insurance on the stang, but will finally be able to make it a fair weather car and keep it out of the bad weather of winter.


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  2. That's awesome!!
  3. Thanks BlueNotch, Its kinda weird though, I have drove her for so long. I have an iac to put on her and there is no hurry since she doesn't have to do daily duty now anymore. It will be cool to bring her out on nice days though.
  4. It'll just make it more special every time you take it out for a drive. I got an '02 GT for a DD, so the notch is an official garage queen now. :D