Finally....KB dyno numbers

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Ibeyorsuperman, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. Well guys there finally here. I had my 03 GT dyno'd today. Not to bad I might say

    [email protected] [email protected]

    Not up C&L powerpipe, 75MM TB and 12lb pulley

    i'll keep ya posted
  2. Damn, nice.
  3. kenne bell.. sweeeet..
    bet ya got some great low end..
  4. Just curious, how are the 4.10's with that bad boy (KB)?
  5. Wut he sey :stupid:
  6. Nice numbers
  7. stock block ?
  8. Where are the graphs?

    waz it SAE corrected?
  9. Nice Numbers! As soon as I am done with this business trip (TDY) I'm going to the place I recently found in Seoul to get dyno'd.

    Did you leave your Steeda T/A on after the KB chip install? I took mine off cuz the chip is tuned for timing with the JB.
  10. That is a pretty good amount of power. How fast are you running in the quarter.
  11. 4:10 love to spin tires with all that low end grunt....however with some nice BFG drag radials.....oh what a feeling....

    and yes completely stock block.....graphs should be posted soon
  12. nice numbers, *me wants kb* :nice:
  13. 4.10s + kb = :drool:
  14. Congrats on the numbers. It just makes me want one that much more now. BTW start saving for a new bottom end if you plan on that 12lb pulley.
  15. Wow! :drool: KB rules. I just checked the fedex web site to track down my KB Kit and it is supposed to be delivered tomorrow :banana: :banana:
    What about track numbers? We want to see 'em! What do you guys estimate my rwhp will be after installing my KB 9psi kit along with the mods in my signature below?
  16. I'd have to gues about the same..........maybe a bit more.... :shrug:
  17. geez all you GT guys are having so much fun with you KB's please o please let them finally come out with their 99-01 cobra kit this january. If you are putting down 400 rwhp and 415 rwtq cant wait to see what the cobra will put down.
  18. oh will be insane.... :nice:
  19. Theres a thread over on saying that KB cancelled their 99/01 kits :shrug:
  20. Yeah, this is true. A guy in our club just called KB the other day and they told him that they cancelled the 99/01 Cobra kit because of what the cost of tooling vs. prodicted sales didn't match up. Just basically wasn't financially good for them.