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    this is another thread i think but it talks about it. Kenne Bell posted the info. They require 25 people to deposit $500 on a kit and they will get them ready in 90 days. If they can have that much demand i guess they'll break even on cost of development and then they can sell the kit like all the rest. It wont include an intercooler so they dont suggest over 8-9psi. There is one company that will be developing and intercooler setup for them in south california.

  2. ok people lets just leave it at the kenne bell kicks ass!

    i will be ordering my 9 psi intercooled kit hopefully in april.

    i was either gonna go wit the kb or a ati, i decided that people are getting amazing power with the kb, and the quality is great, and so are the times people are getting, obviously
  3. 16 psi is a lot but it isnt 30 psi like a lot of cintrifical blowers. I know that would make it a highly mosified engine but why dont you see those kinda numbers on KB BLOWERS?
  4. I know someone who has his 03 cobra 2.2L pushing 27 psi. Kenne bell doesn't sell their kit advertising it. But the blower indeed pushes all the way to redline with no loss in power (which would indicate the blower is out of steam).

    The problem with the kit on the GT is they are small blowers. i thought they were 1.7L but they are actually 1.5L. Atleast thats what KB says on their website which based on the 27psi on the 2.2L would equate to about 17-18psi maximum that the KB could put out. Its close to what a s-trim is rate at (up to 20psi). So if you compare those two blowers i think thats fair.

    I'm just hoping that they offer a 2.2L upgrade for the GT kit in the future.

  5. The KB blower on my car which is the same on the GT kit is a 1.7L. If their website states it is a 1.5L it is wrong.

    I dont think they don't want you to put a 2.2L on a stock 4.6 2v motor. It would be too easy to push the motor too far. In fact I bet they don't want you running 17-20 psi on their 1.7L on a stock 4.6 2v either. That is why they don't advertise it. Someone tried 20 psi on a stock 4.6 2v motor(not on a KB). I saw the zip-lock baggie that contained the results. 14 psi on the 1.7L will put you near their suggested limit of about 500 rwhp on a stock motor.

    I don't know if you saw this yet but they are planning a 2.2L for the 4.6 2v. Race applications only, requires a new hood.
  6. Thats bull...If people use out of spec pulleys for a stock motor then thats their own perogative. KB wouldn't have to warranty anything run out of spec like that...and considering that KB will have a record of what pulleys they make and send to you its not very easy to try and say you weren't running that type of boost etc. I think thats just a crock of crap.

    I checked my email that i sent to KB ... they said the maximum boost level the KB can run at that they've documented is 17 psi but that it might be able to go further they just haven't done it. Its likely that 17-20psi is the maximum of the 1.5 or 1.7L which ever it is.

  7. Very nice #'s. I have a question however, but I don't want to hijack this thread so I'll start my own thread.
  8. What is bull? 20 psi? That might have been an exageration on the guy that told me about it but he was testing the limits of the stock 4.6 2v motor. The way my quote above reads it sounds like I was implying that it was with a KB, it was not. KB may only sell up to a 14 psi pulley but with a crank pulley change you could spin that blower faster and get more psi. How much? I don't know. Someone willl find out sooner or later.
  9. Explain to my why a 03 Cobra KB supercharger wouldn't work.
  10. Last night there was frozen water on my intercooler so if you ask me I think it would be hard for a KB intercooler or Vortech to top that. :p
  11. The way KB fabricates the plate it's a direct replacement for the Eaton setup. In the 03 configuration the intercooler mounts right to a flange that is cast onto the blower. KB replicates this plate so you can swap your intercooler.

    This configuration also moves things like the alt coolant lines and various other items.

    It can be done - you just need to purchase all the 03 cobra parts for the base install and it gets very expensive.
  12. I'm saying they use 100 octane + on their 14 psi setup. So basically what that says is anything above 9psi is not 'recommended' on a stock block imo. Race gas is a quick fix for a setup thats not built at the right compression to drive on the street. You could push the blower to its max and just get 110 octane gas or something crazy like that. Thats not the point.

    btw, i was saying this statement is bull "It would be too easy to push the motor too far". They are not concerned about how far you push the blower...because if you blow it its all your responsibility. They only give suggests on maximum boost to use on a stock block because of chance of detonation increasing. They are not keeping people from putting the 2.2L because its to easy to push the motor too far. I think the 1.7L @ 10psi or more is really too much power for a stock block as is. So i guess they shouldn't sell the 1.7L either? You see my point.

  13. btw, i missed that link you posted above. Interesting...thats great to hear KB is planning to offer the bigger blower. It'd be worth it if it fits under a cobra R hood.

  14. Obviously you would have to buy some stock 03 Cobra parts and you would have to replace them but there is no reason at all that the 03 Cobra KB blower wouldn't work on a 99 or 01 Cobra. :nice: Like you said, it would just be a matter of money, but isn't that what its all about? ;)
  15. ohhh my dear friend heres an answer from kenne bell themselves....
    its either already made, or about to be :nice: ....

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