Finally Made The Jump!!!!!!!

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  1. Ho w is it going guys I used to drive race and build Hondas for 13 years. I moved to Nebraska with the intentions of not doing cars anymore. But of course if your a car lover you know that will not last long. so the search begin for a vehicle to play with. I have always love the Fox bodies and knew that's what I wanted. After looking on Craigslist in the papers things were starting to look a little slim people wanted way too much money for them around here. but my last attempt looking on Craigslist I found a 1987 GT 5.0 Convertible. The car was on Craigslist for maybe 4 hours before I bought it. The guy just had it painted last year he has owned the car for 4 years and he told me he put new heads on it and all the other things that were wrong with the car.of course the car needs some work done to the convertible top,cylinders for the convertible top, line for the cylinders. But on a brighter note I paid 2000 for the car its a 5 speed interior is clean and the car runs pretty damn good. Grant it there's some little things that needs to be done with the car but for a 1987 GT Convertible 5.0 in a 5 speed with new paint I was not going to complain.
  2. Sweeet! I too just got a new pony and it's only a 3.7 DOHC DIB w/ sport mode. 23,000.00 tn_Injury & DIB 012.JPG
  3. Welcome aboard