Build Thread Finally, My 351w Build Thread!

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  1. As some of you remember Blackvert was talking about selling his 410 stroker, and some of you might also remember him and I working out a deal. Well I finally picked it up from him and this is where I will post the pics of the new project :) This may take a while because I just got custody of my kids (totaling 5 kids now) so I am very busy. First set of pics will be posted tomorrow. I only got to start a little bit of the tear down. I am just going to take my time on this one and try not to skip any unecissary steps if I can help it. I wont be able to get some of the things right away that I wanted like tube k member, suspension, ect but i'll get to those later. Hope you all enjoy!

    PS: Thanks again for everything Chris.
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  2. Looking forward to the build! :nice:
  3. Any ideas on the water pump? Im almost ready to start installing the new motor and need one.
  4. IMG_0518.jpg IMG_0519.jpg

    The engine and goodies :)
  5. IMG_0521.jpg IMG_0522.jpg

    Me and my lil man about to get started

    IMG_0524.jpg IMG_0525.jpg
  6. IMG_0554.jpg IMG_0555.jpg IMG_0556.jpg IMG_0557.jpg IMG_0558.jpg

    These were from last night. Today I pulled out the wiring harness and pressure washed the engine bay. Started painting it black to match the car. Tomorrow I will finish painting it and re-route my harness to the outside of the engine bay for that clean look. I also took out/off everything that wasnt necissary like cruize control, bumper (to save some weight), air bag sensors( to get rid of extra wired junk, besides when I change my steering wheel it will be inop anyhow), heater core lines, power steering lines, and probably some more I cant think of. I'll post some of those pics tomorrow.
  7. Cleaned up and started to paint... IMG_0561.jpg IMG_0562.jpg IMG_0563.jpg IMG_0564.jpg
  8. Finished painting, touched up the paint on the valve covers, and cut the old heater core tubes to re-route the hose and still keep my temp sensor. IMG_0568.jpg IMG_0565.jpg IMG_0566.jpg IMG_0567.jpg
  9. Looks awesome. I can't believe that engine found a home that fast. I would keep the mechanical water pump. Better on the street anyway. Any pump for that price is bound to be Chinese.

  10. Okay thanks Kurt. I would assume the pump rotation is the same as the 302? Trying to figure out a path for the belt with the pump.
  11. That gasket water port area looks like it was starting to deform. Get a steel core gasket. add "s-3" to the end of the felpro gasket part number you use. Looks the same but more durable.
  12. Yeah, the rotation on the belt is going to be the same as a 302.

  13. Ok thanks. I wanted to flip my alt upside down to hide wires and give that empty open space look but now that I'm keeping the mech pump for now ill just leave it up top so I can route the belt from the crank, to water pump, and alternator.

    Ill take a look at that a little closer 95Vert383AOD.

    I got the engine in and wires re-routed/ hidden and all hooked up then found the flex plate got jammed up some how and wouldn't let the engine turn so... It came back out and almost back in. Hopefully I solved the issue. Ill post more pics tomorrow. For now I'm going to bed after 36 hours straight working on it lol.
  14. Very cool project! I'll be doing a 351 next spring myself so this is good info! Any updates??
  15. Yea sorry, I got tied up with stuff like usual. I still need to upload the new pics but I forgo I needed to get the 351 flex plate so that was ordered last night. Couldn't figure out why the engine wouldn't turn when the tranny was bolted up, then my little bulb went off lol. I will send the bracket to you this week if I get out of work early enough.
  16. Ok so I finally got around to finishing it up! Been busy all weekend but the battle isn't over yet. Now it's stuck in 2nd gear. I've been having shifting problems before but now it's 2nd all the way. I don't know much about autos but I'm assuming its a shift solenoid or something, any pointers here? Also I downloaded all the tweecer programs but can't get into the window to make adjustments. It's running really rich and I can't figure this tweecer out.
  17. Ps: I'll post pics later. I'm just on my phone right now trying to figure this out.
  18. Question... I havent worked with automatics very much. Since I drained all the oil out is there a bleeding procedure to fill it? Im wondering if I have air in it because it didnt take all the oil that the parts store recomended and its still not shifting.
  19. No bleeding procedure that I'm aware of.