Build Thread Finally, My 351w Build Thread!

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  1. Nope, just fill it till the stick says it's full. Make sure you run it a little until the converter is full before you call it full.

  2. One lesson I learned on an AOD, the hard way, was that you do not drain the converter completely without having some way to fill it back up BEFORE you run it. I have burnt the pump on 2 AODs before figuring that out. The AOD doesn't prime well apparently. :(
  3. That's good info to have. You kind of just have to run it and hope the converter pumps up before the pump burns out.

  4. I have flushed out my tranny cooling lines/radiator trans cooler before using a cheapo electric fuel pump tied into one cooling line, then letting the other cooling line empty back into the drain pan the fuel pump was pulling clean mineral spirits from, make sense?
    Well, if I ever fully drain an AOD again, I will use that pump to put fluid into the tranny through a cooling line. I don't know if it will work, but I will certainly try.
  5. Getting into the cooling line is no better than putting it back through the dipstick tube. It's getting into the converter that's tricky.

  6. Geez I need to stop being lazy and upload those pics lol. Just put a vid on YouTube of the idle. Rubbersidedown1000 just do t mind the other vids (you will know what I'm talking about). Any ways the reason I asked is because a guy I worked with was saying it maybe needed bled and also said to try dropping the pan again and take out the plate/fluid journel deal/whatever he called it and put some into that but I don't feel like wasting/draing all that oil again. I believe it's just the shifting solinoids. Any how, I called a local tranny shop and the guy said he would rebuild it with HD parts and a shift kit for $850. Sound like a good deal?

    Probably just going to keep it auto now due to I may be getting a 2000 saleen 5 speed in exchange for my 05 ram srt 10.
  7. Maybe just cranking the motor with the coil unplugged can help. But either way the converter should be filled.
  8. scott, you have made great progress. i just checked your video. it makes me happy to know that the engine will live on. it is nice to hear it again.

    but i thought you were planning on swapping in that victor junior intake?
  9. Yep I will be swapping it over shortly. I am waiting to buy $750 worth of parts (polished elbow, steal braided fuel line, fuel rails, and a FPR). I am also considering the fox TB swap to clean up the look, use my bigger valve covers, and to get a bigger TB. NotA4.6 is working a deal with me for the typhoon so I'm going to have the Vic jr polished. I haven't done anything yet because I knew the way you had it was a known working setup so I used it that way for now since I did so much extra custom work.
  10. It's funny how I've been trying to weasel that intake from Chris for years now! lol
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  11. Drove it again last night and found that it down shifts from 3rd to 2nd. I just can't feel it shift up. I can't get it to down into 1st manually and the gear selector is off a little so I have to adjust that as well so I can get it into 1st. It doesn't seem to ever go in O/D (4th).

    Question: will a problem with the ABS keep it from shifting to O/D? My abs light is on and my buddy said his truck did the same because his rear sensor in his diff. Are mustangs the same as f250's as far as abs?
  12. As soon as I figure this tranny problem out I can park it to take the intake off and send it to you.
  13. Not sure about the sensors interfering with the tranny, I thought they were just for the ABS system. You need to yank that AODE slush box out already and throw a t5 in!
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  14. Yes as you already know I have thought long and hard about this. My only fear is that if/when this car gets any faster I will have a hard time keeping up with the gears and lose consistency at the track.
  15. I suppose if you're building a drag car then you need to have a nice AODE built up for you. But they aren't cheap and getting them dialed in can be a PITA! Not getting it right can destroy a brand new transmission in short order. That's why I don't mess with them.
  16. It'll be street/track "fun". If I can find a 5 speed for a good price I will switch it just to get rid of this headache.
  17. I say go ahead and swap it to 5 speed. It's much more fun. Auto's are very nice for consistency which you'd need in competition, but for streep/strip 5 speed is fun!
  18. Sounds like a plan besides I know a little more about manuals anyways. I just may need to do some more research on drive shafts and the years of t-5's and such.
  19. Driveshafts are directly interchangeable. Also, I have found that if your AODE driveshaft has the little counterweight it makes for a smoother 5 speed driveline as well. The years of T5 you want are 94/95 5.0, 94-04 V6 (99-04 V6 T5's require either a speedcal or replacing the tail housing with any 85-98 world class T5 tail housing, you also need to drill the shaft on these to accept the little metal clip as well as the speedo drive gear).

    You can also use a Fox T5 if you either A: use a fox bellhousing/fork or B: have the input shaft replaced on the Fox t5 for one of the longer 94/95 input shafts.
  20. Thanks! Guess that sums it up for me lol. Now... Is anyone selling a T-5 ;)