Build Thread Finally, My 351w Build Thread!

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  1. Ok while im not busy and im thinking about it herre are the rest of the pics so far


    Motor dropped in but had an issue with the TC. It wound up being that I didnt set it in all the way, but its a good thing because that gave be time to remember I had to put in a 28oz flexplate.


    New guages and tach installed
  2. Had the idea to shed some more weight

    IMG_0805.JPG IMG_0806.JPG IMG_0807.JPG IMG_0808.JPG IMG_0810.JPG IMG_0811.JPG IMG_0812.JPG IMG_0813.JPG IMG_0814.JPG

    I will be putting carpet back in... I cant stand my feet slipping around and I dont think 20lbs is that big of a deal, so I will order a new black carpet.
  3. PS: For the passenger airbag if you want to keep the stock look just cut off the cover attached to the front and stick it back to the velcrow and it looks like normal.
  4. My new hood came in today so I got that put on as well. Not the greatest quality hood, but for $330 shipped I cant complain.

    IMG_0788.PNG IMG_0851.JPG IMG_0852.JPG
  5. Another reason I've been busy is dealing with my new truck I just got... nothing but issues out of this thing. I like the idea of it but I'd rather have not gotten it.

    2005 Dodge Ram SRT 10

    So I'm trading my old boss for this

    2000 Saleen/s281 #264 39k miles
  6. Wow, that car is slick! I wan to do a Saleen body kit on my car at some point. Is that Saleen supercharged? Good trade I say.
  7. Wait.... You aren't really considering putting a T5 behind a 410 right? Those things like coming apart behind 302's.

    Its Waaaay Cheaper to build an AOD or AODE than to build up a t5 and you'll get better more consistent results.

    I have a soft spot for when people call them (slush boxes)

    If you think i lie they actually have bell housing adapters to connect the AOD (Slush Box) to a Chevy motor or a 4.6/5.4. Stock they slush but even a T5 is gonna be crap behind a 410 in stock form.

    Get that AODE built up to shift manually with better clutches and a decent converter from someone like Edge.

    AND AGAIN!!! You will blow ANY stock transmission behind a properly built 351+ Stroker.

  8. Yessir it is supercharged. It dyno'd at 326 rwhp and had 3:73's installed. It's pretty quick.
  9. Well yea I wouldn't think about leaving it that way for long, just to get me rolling. I've always had a soft spot for T-56, TKO 600, and 500. Just working with limited funds and plenty of frustration lol.

  10. For a properly built AODE + TC + either tuning for it or tuning it yourself you are in TKO 600 range price wise. It's really oranges to apples as far as transmissions go. Both are junk stock and both can be made to handle power for $$$. I am pumping close to 400 rwhp and 400 rwtq through a T5 and it's fine. The issue arises when you bolt on slicks and have a clutch that will hold the power. Your tranny becomes the week link at that point. Either way, I've had great luck with T5's for the 12 years I've been driving these cars.
  11. Very nice! I raced one and it put up a good fight...until I hit 14 psi. Although I'm sure it could out handle me in the twisties with ease.
  12. Yea I'm not a big fan of turns though due to watching a fatal bike crash. It will be my DD so I think it will suffice for that ;)
  13. Just doing some research on some cams and had some questions.

    Higher lobe seperation angle (LSA) is better manifold vacuum and improved low rpm (idle) brakes correct?
    Typically with more LSA and not tons of duration keep the valve overlap down?
    With little to no valve overlap will a cam still be choppy/lumpy in sbf engines?
    A cam for a 302 is the same for a 351 correct?

    I am looking for a cam that has the power range of 3000-3500 to 6500-7000 to match the intake I am putting on but stay hydrolic roller and its proving to be more difficult than expected. Here is one that I have been looking at, please share the knowledge if you have any input on this cam. I am new to cam knowledge and I only want to buy this once.
  14. I don't know much about cams unfortunately!
  15. Ok we'll I came across this deal, $1500 for a TKO 600 with everything included for a manual swap minus the flywheel. Good deal or what?!

    Only thing is now what flywheel to buy? I would love the freed up power by using an aluminum, but don't think that is a good idea for launches and I can't see the durability being very good. If I get a lightened steel flywheel I'm afraid of strength issues. My goal is 800 ponies one day.
  16. That's a smokin' deal! You better jump right on that. As for flywheel I think you'll be fine with an SFI approved steel unit. Is this out of a 94/95 car or a Fox?
  17. I believe he said a 95
  18. I found another deal for $500 for a complete swap but t5. I know it wouldn't last long but with 5 kids I have to watch the money out flow. I can always buy just a TKO later, but I doubt I will find another deal like that one. I'm confused lol.
  19. In my opinion I would pass on the T5. The TKO-600 is a better deal, and will save you money in the long run. Regardless of which transmission you buy, there is a simple test to check for broken gears. Put the transmission into gear, and turn the input shaft slowly with your hand. If it clicks or hangs up at all, it has a broken tooth on one of the gears, and you should pass on it. The most expensive part of the transmission (especially on the TKO) is the gears. I had to replace a 3rd gear set on my Tremec, and it was over $300 for just one gear set.