Build Thread Finally, My 351w Build Thread!

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  1. Over filling the trans is definately not good. Now did that make it act up. I can't say for sure one way or the other. But the symptoms you put up were very similar to what my car was doing. I was ready to get it rebuilt. But I checked around and ended up changing the switch and it cured the problem. Car shifts excellent. Hopefully u get to the bottom of it to make the sell.
  2. Hey guys, just stopped by to say the project will continue here soon. Had a few family things to take care of first. It's been slow and not much has changed, but I'm trying to round up what should be my last few parts and ill get going again on it. I just need a few more parts for the tranny swap, make an elbow for the intake when I get it back from 99fiveoh, finish my wiring harness, and of course try to figure out the tuning with the tweecer. Hope to make some progress soon.
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  3. image.jpg image.jpg
    99fiveoh finished her up! What do y'all think?
  4. Well it's been slower than expected but I will be buying everything in 2 months to finish it up. I came across a good deal for a supercharger, what size injectors should I go with for est 8lbs of boost with my 410w? I was thinking 63# but boost is new to me.
  5. I was going to say 60 lb injectors. 63 is close enough!
  6. Awesome, I'll go with those then. I'm hoping my CR isn't too high for 8 lbs. May need to run higher then 93 octane...
  7. Get a methanol kit and you'll be fine.
  8. That's a good idea. I knew nothing about meth kits so I did some research since I couldn't sleep anyway. I'm not sure yet though which one to get. I'd like to keep the price down but obviously keep my engine alive. The price range is pretty significant between companies and kit setups so which kit/company would you recommend?
  9. Sign up on Corral if you haven't already and search for a guy named Michael Plummer. He is an authorized Snow Performance dealer and I haven't found anyone more knowledgeable or helpful than Michael. Just send him a PM and he'll probably give you his number. He posts here too but doesn't look very often so probably better to catch him over there.

    Also "Pops Fun" on here knows a lot about it too.
  10. Ok well I'm ordering everything as we speak, but I'm stuck... And on a very important part, the cam. I emailed and they replied saying that they make no recommendations and want me to fill out a form for what I have in the motor and what I want the cam ground to... I don't know that!! If I knew that I'd go to a local shop here wtf. I was hoping for more of a place where I tell them what I have, and tell them what I am using the car for/expectations and they grind me a cam that they see fit. Any suggestions on a good place or a good reputable cam? I will be boosted too btw.
  11. Call Comp Cams, they know their stuff as well and will recommend a cam to you. If they don't have it on the shelf they'll grind it custom for you.
  12. Ok thanks, I was actually just talking to a friend that suggested the same thing. I will call the today. Now I just need a good crash course on the tweeker. I don't really trust some of the shops around here. You tend to not get your car back for months on end.
  13. Any ideas for a good MAF that makes for easy tuning with 80# injectors? Apparently the lightining MAF won't cut it.
  14. Getting close guys image.jpg
  15. A little bit more done

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  16. The lightning MAF even though huge is only recommend 440-490HP. Most of us found the Pro-M 80MM MAF to be the best. I had one on my car in 3 forms- N/A 302 / 24lb Injectors, then Supercharged / 42lb Injectors, then back to N/A in 347 stroker / 30lb Injectors. Just had recalibrated for injectors each time.
  17. Slot maf. Buy once and youll never outgrow it
  18. I wound up buying a pro-m 92 calibrated for the 80# injectors. It's setup for a suck through though. From what I remember the blow throughs are easier to tune as long as it's in line with a straight section of pipe. Think I'll have any issues?