Build Thread Finally, My 351w Build Thread!

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  1. image.jpg
    Dropped it in for a test fit for everything.
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
    Made my super charger bracket. Right fit and not finished but it's a good start. image.jpg
    This is what happens when you get too close to a hand grinder (literally). 3 stitches later and I'm back working on the project.
  2. A little interior work
    image.jpg image.jpg
  3. Ok well, I'm all finished with it. Now I'm trying to give it a decent tune. I finally got my Tweecer linked to my computer, made a few changes, and figured out the data logging (half the battle seems like). I have never tuned anything before so this really is a huge learning curve for me. After the few changes (ie MAF transfer, scalars for my setup, fan temps ect) I dove it down my street, and of course it still runs horrible. Real bad bucking, pinging under light load, bad idle ect. I did tap the throttle very lightly and this thing is a complete monster. Got it to hold an idle and used my temp gun on the headers, some read *300+ And others read 160-180. My wb afr reads 22.4 ( it is calibrated). It smells eye burning rich, which I would probably point at a misfire. I have been reading... forever about the tweecer but still can't figure out where to start to make adjustments. I had the MAF transfer wrong before and it was lean but I corrected that now it's rich, so maybe play with timing? Any help here is appreciated guys.
  4. sounds like it's coming along! In one of those pics above it looks like your motor is hooked up to a sewer or something with all that pvc pipe! lol
  5. Oh haha yea that's the intake tube between the MAF and the sc. Figured that pipe didn't need to be anything special so I went cheap on it.

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  6. No power steering or A/C? I'd die here in S. Florida without it. There is a TwEECer thread sticky, try using the basics there. Don't make any huge swings or you can mess something up.
  7. Thanks I'll check it out. The changes I do make, I take a pic prior just incase so I can change back. My head hurts from reading everything for the tweecer and trying to understand it. The hard part for me is trying to figure out what to change and which way to change it (as I don't understand the values in some areas). Another is, I've read that it's better to change the afr other ways without touching the MAF curve, but in which table/scalar do I change it? I would like to get my hands on a solid running car and make changes on it to see what happens when it's changed. I learn best that way.

    What part of Florida are you from? I was born in west palm but raised in Jacksonville.
  8. I'm in Palm Beach County (Boca Raton) closer to Broward County line. It's been 95-99 degrees here before the rains come everyday. No way you can drive with just the windows down, you'll roast.

    I went with a P.M.S. because it is simple compared to the TwEECer. My P.M.S. threads are also stickied above.
  9. My dad lives in boca raton. Yea it's not a dd anyways. It's the same temp up here in nc.

    I'll check out your thread. I've never heard of that so I'm intrigued now.
  10. Well guys I figured out where most of my confusion and issues was coming from. My brand new ProM 92 MAF is bad. I put my other adjustable cheap MAF on and now I'm getting readings on Calcon, my afr is between 14-15 at idle, and it drives a little better. Looks like I'm calling ProM tomorrow to swap it out. I don't feel as lost anymore :D