Finally Near Done

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  1. Finally got her where shes looking near 100% and driving a lot more. Even bought a tremec for her. What you guys think?

    Driveways sloped back end sits lower than that.

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  2. Looks good. Nice car!:grats:
  3. Looks great.
  4. Looks really nice, good work!
  5. have to update you sig picture! Looks good!
  6. like those rims? brand and model?
  7. looks nice :nice: get those clear corner lens and it would give more curve to that front side.
  8. Yep, looks very nice! Well done.
  9. Lol, yea the sig pic is way outdated, and my avatar is even worse lol. Sig pic is about 5 or 6 years old, avatar is nearly 10 years. Definetly a new look, feel, and vibe.

    Wheels are LRS's SVE line 10th anniversary cobra replica. 17x10 in back 17x9 fronts. I like em.

    Headlights are the one piece units. Have to replace em all to do corners.
  10. I'm not a fan of 1 piece headlights but everything else it nice man.