FINALLY Pics of my Mustang after wreck *DUW* :)

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  1. [​IMG]

    Thoughts, opinions, comments
  2. You repainted it white and put a big red X on it??? :D

    Edit: OK, they work now, so this post makes no sense
  3. nice, is the chin spoiler still going on?
  4. sorry I hate geocities... No I am not going to put on the chin spoiler i will probably later invest into a cobra r chin spoiler
  5. Looks good, bud. Makes me not feel so bad about laying down the dough on a Cobra front bumper. Don't see too many of those in our color... me likes. :)
  6. Looks good :nice: You should wreck it more often!!!
  7. It looks great :nice: At least your O.K. and your stang was
    repaired after that wreck! Also I love those wheels :nice:
  8. Very nice man! I got rear ended a month ago and im going through the process now of getting ready to put my car in the shop and coming out w/ a GT bumper rather then the stock v6 w/o the cutouts. Should make the exhaust look more integrated :bigthumb: Yay GT Bumper for free! I'll have pics when it's done! :)
  9. The car looks nice man. I know everybody has a different taste, but why the hell would you want that cobra hood? My 2002 was totaled, so I went shopping for a used stang but couldnt find one with the mileage/color I wanted, so I said **** it and got a 2004. First thing I need to do is get rid of that hood!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Its not the cobra hood, its the new V6 hood.

    Thanks for all the compliments guys. Any recommendations?

    101 views and like 6-7 responces... come on guys give me some love here! :)
  11. oh my god, beautiful...cant say anything else i guess
  12. Good looking stang...glad to see you get the cobra fog lights too. The whole package is nice looking. A great recovery form somehting so fustrating like an accident.

  13. I got love for ya :nice: Looks great and I love the color. I always have people asking why I put the Cobra hood on my '03 and I have to tell'em "That's the stock hood now." lol. Anyways, nice car. I'm trying to get some pics up of mine, but I'm having trouble attaching them. :( Maybe someday I'll get it to work. Laterz. :D
  14. looks good babs, did you ever get your gears installed?
  15. gotta love full coverage, it got me a new hood, bumper, grille, lights, paint, and $200 foglights.
  16. you should have just got the bumper from cervini's, its a great bumper, fits perfect and was easy to install, plus it cost about the same as the cobra bumper from ford, minus shipping.
  17. i really like that first pic! Looks good man

  18. lol... no not yet. Im going to get it done this spring break! It is driving me nuts. Like two weeks! muhaha
  19. the mustang is in my grandpas name and he wanted to go through Ford because he gets parts at the lowest cost or whatever.

    thanks for all the compliments. and some newbies think im a girl from my name they mis read bab as babe. so everyone now knows im a guy. :)

    bab = bright atlantic blue
  20. I know its the new v6 hood, I have a 2004. But isnt that the same as the one on the 99 cobra?