finally pics of new wheels on car DUW

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  1. I'm totally serious
  2. Lowered:

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  3. :nice:

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  4. Beautiful chop matthiasj

    :nice: :nice: :nice:

    Now do the purple flames! :D

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  5. I really like that deep dish look in the back. :nice:
  6. Purple Flames Coming Up:

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  7. That car reminds me of rel3rd cars. Looks good.
  8. that does look kinda tough. maybe an inch too low though

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  9. :( ok this is going to be a vikings car, that looks kinda pink? :shrug: I plan on painting the front bumper, most of the hood, and fenders the same color as a vikings helmet(dark metalic purple) trailing into tribal flames( :damnit: if i only knew how to PS stuff i could better show you my vision) It looks so damn cool in my head :bang:

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  10. Chop in some purple flames and lets see this puppy done. That car just looks mean with it slammed.
  11. I like the wheels. Kinda like a full size HotWheels car and that's not a bad thing.

    As for the purple flames I would go with ghost flames with a purple hue. Then have the Helment or the Viking's head frosted onto the rear window. That would be killer.
  12. i was thinking about having the vikings head airbrushed into the purple on the hood using a flakey silver or something.
  13. That'd be like painting a huge smily face on the mona lisa.
  14. the difference being, there aren't over a million mona lisas out there with everyone who has one trying to make theirs their own :D
  15. flames1.jpg

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  16. Yo dude, that looks freaking amazing.

    Those are the rims I want. Where did you get them, how much did you pay, and what tires are those, and where did you get them. lol

    How much for everything.
  17. wheels from partshopper 856 including shipping and wheel install kit(lugnuts locks and valve stems)

    tires from tirerack fronts 265/35R18 bridgestone potenza RE750 rears 295/35R18 firestone firehawk wideoval. tire were about 850 shipped. i mounted and balanced them myself but if you can't, plan on 50-60 for that.
  18. Trying my hand at image 'chopping. Seeing as I'm more at home doing CAD models I don't think this is too bad of a first try.

    With purple tribal flames:

    With purple tribal flames and shadows:

    How'd I do Caldwell?

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  19. Not bad not bad :D

    glad to see you incoporated a bit of shadow in that puppy...
    just add less contrast and you're golden :nice:

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  20. Why not do a nice, not over the top, ghost like purple flame and airbrush the vikings head on the underside of the hood. And I liked the idea of puttin the vikings head behind the wheel well, kinda like a badge. But just don't over do the flames.