Finally, pictures of my 94 Convertable.

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  1. Feel free to ask any questions.

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  2. [​IMG]

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  3. Top Down
    With my daily driver.

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  4. doug,

    Is that originally paint?

    Looks good.

    Oh yeah, how many years is it till we can get a historic license plate? 20 or 25 is my guess. thought I would ask :flag:
  5. Looks nice, especially the mileage. :nice: I have never seen that color dash bezel before.
  6. Original paint. The color and everything is great, but the front end has rock chips out the ying yang! It'll get painted in a year or two.

    I think the cars have to be 25yrs old to get an antique plate.

    JR, I painted the bezel with paint from Ford.

    Edit: It still has the stock motor and ran 9.0 @ 78mph in the 1/8th with 186K miles. :nice:
  7. [​IMG] Good job matches perfectly in the pic.
    Drive that 5.0 until its dies then put in the 351 :D
  8. dang, those seats look brand new! mine has half the miles yours does and my seats look like $hit. :nice:
  9. [​IMG]

    Actually, I forgot, the rear of the car has been repainted. New rear bumper, repainted trunk and some of the rear quarters were blended.

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  10. Damn that's good for a stock car.
  11. Your stang looks pretty good for those kind of miles. On a side note, I tried to get those plates in Arizona but they were all taken, so was HoofnIt!
  12. Looks great. Since I am new to SN95's, I am curious how you replace the clock with gauges. Is there a kit you can buy? I don't really need two clocks in my car. :bang:
  13. Yeah, saw a sixer the other day and it said "MYLPNY"
    A chick was driving it of course.
  14. Summit racing should have it. It's just an autometer dash pod. Then you can buy any two gauges (the right diameter) and put them in there. I have electric water temp and mechanical oil pressure, although I don't recommend mechanical oil pressure in the pod. It was a royal pain in the ass to get the copper tube (sold seperately) up there. I also had to drill a hole in the firewall to run the wires/tubing.

    The clock removes just by giving it a nice upward nudge on the front...
  15. Looks good. I always liked the 98 cobra wheels. What's up with the 351 in your sig, is it going in soon?
  16. BTW- you went 9.0 with the stock motor??? How is that? What did you have done, what tires, gears, 60', etc? That's an unreal time. Every pass I made in the 8's was a 13 second run, so your DAMN close.
  17. Car looks real good with that many miles on it. Good job on the maintenance work :nice:
  18. [​IMG]

    The 351 is just sitting there. I graduate with my B.S. of Industrial Engineering in 1 month!! Once I get a job, the teardown will begin. I need to buy all the parts still, but I pretty much know what it's going to be.

    I have the timeslip around here somewhere, it was something like 9.0 @ 77.8 mph w/ 2.01 60'

    I'll try to list all of the modifications it had when I ran that time:
    MAC Shorties
    MAC off road H
    ASP underdrives
    C springs
    Pro 5.0 shifter
    Drop in K&N w/ silencer removed
    Flowmaster 2 chambers welded in stock pipes
    Auburn Pro locker w/ 3.73 gears
    Aluminum driveshaft w/ dogbone removed
    25lb weight removed
    275/40 Nitto DRs rear, 255/40 front
    7* timing (forgot to take my timing light)
    Maximum Motorsports rear lower control arms

    I have since swapped the stock H-pipe back on, added MACH 1 shocks/struts and Pro3i full length subframe connectors.

    It was a sunny saturday morning at about 11a.m. and it was in the 50*s or 60*s. I was trying to make a football game so once I ran that time, I quit.

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  19. I went 9.1 and 2.1 60ft with mods listed in my sig.


    Holy old thread batman.
  20. How'd you find this dinosaur? :)