Finally....progress made!

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  1. Well, I lost my job on Monday (apparently I'm uninsurable due to two speeding tickets, and I drove cars all day for my job, so they had to let me go), so now I have tons of free time, even with still being in school. I've done more to the new motor in the last two days than in the previous six weeks. There are some new pics up on page 2 of my Cardomain (link in sig), and I also added a page covering my SN95 brake upgrade. This is what the motor looks like at this very moment:


    Leave me some feedback on the page if you get a chance, nobody ever seems to. :p

  2. Nice dude! very nice! Clean look!
  3. Looks good, Did you shiney up the Alum? or did you paint it? Also i see the stock turbocoupe oil sender, My car reads low oil pressure with my new motor, and i am told its due to the TC sender being different. Dont know if its true or not. But you might consider putting the mustang sender on. Did you throw in the roller cam?

  4. I actually got my new engine IN my Thunderbird...workin on gettin it all hooked up, but I don't have any pics of it in the car yet. I still gotta do IC tubing and all that junk, and it's about 38 degrees today... :notnice:

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  5. Whats the Sensor on your Thermostat housing?

    And i hear ya on the temp.. its cold here too. except my turbo is blown So my N/A - turbo motor doesnt need IC tubing quite yet. :bang: :fuss: :damnit:

  6. I painted most of the aluminum parts with wheel paint. I figure it should hold up to the light heat that those parts will see, and should be fairly durable. I did put the roller cam in that I had lying around, so that should help at least a little bit. Thanks for the heads-up on the oil sender - obviously I can't use the Mustang one right now, but I'll keep it in mind if I have a low pressure issue. :nice:

  7. looking good. If you plan on not running a cam cover , you will want to panint your pulleys :)
  8. Ash, what is your motor sitting next to? Pre 87 eh?

    It was chilly here today! Gosh it better get warmer soon.
  9. Since I blocked off the coolant passage in my lower intake, I had to find somewhere to put the ECT sensor...and everyone recommended putting it in the thermostat housing, so I did.

    on a side note...doing IC pipes and all that other stuff takes a lot longer than you would think it would! I've been working on getting this new engine into my car for over a week now and I'm still not done.
  10. Hey looking good. Sorry to hear about your job though. Like the silver and black look :nice: How is your ranger doing also? Did you ever get it to pass?
  11. I painted the pulleys, but apparently not very well. I may have to go back with a brush and do 'em in the hard-to-get-to places. Besides, I am running a cam cover - it's polished and powdercoated. ;)

    The motor is sitting next to my buddy's '86 LX. The car is actually for sale right now, minus drivetrain. '86 LX hatch, original 5.0 5spd car...I think he wants $500 for it as a rolling chassis.

    Ranger hasn't passed yet, but that's my next mission for it. I had to replace both passenger side wheel bearings as well as the spindle to even get it safe to drive, so now I need to make it pass. My keeping the truck hinges on that e-test.

  12. its true. if this is going in a mustang with a mustang harness and oil pressure sensor plug from a mustang you will get a very, very low pressure reading with the thunderbird pressure sending unit in. use a n/a mustang from your specific year mustang and that will be gone.