Mach 1 Finally Right

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by LouDude, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Well I picked up my Black 04 two weeks ago and after about a weeks time total at the dealer it's finally a new car.

    There were some minor cosmetic things I wanted fixed. First off I had the windows tinted and the passenger quarter window had scratches all over the outside. They were'nt really noticable untill the tint was put on. Had a scuff on the hood I wanted buffed out, and a scratch on the hood stripe. Also had a nick in the front lip spoiler and a squeak in the rear (sounded like the seats).

    So I took it to the dealer to have these fixed. First off the squeak was initially diagnosed as a possible missed spot weld in the quarter panel. I watched 3 techs push on the outside of the panel rocking the car listening to the squeak. This waved the panel. A pow wow with the owner of the dealership, service manager, body shop manager and myself ensued. It was determined that they would try to straighten it with paintless dent removal. If it couldn't be done they would give me a new car. They fixed it perfectly, so I'm happy.

    The squeak ended up being the rear glass. A glass company was called out and they injected some sort of lubricant in it to make the squeaking go away. It didn't. So they came back out and removed and resealed the window. Fixed.

    The chin spoiler was replaced. Fixed.

    A new stripe was ordered but had a crease in it from shipping, so another was ordered. (I drove the car for a couple days with no stripe). The next stripe showed up and was put on perfectly. Fixed.

    The hood was buffed out and the scuff is gone. Fixed.

    Now the service manager and I go way back with Mustangs, he felt awfull that not only a brand new car had this many problems, but a good friend owned it to top it off. So he called me Wed. to let me know everything was done and it was ready, but if I leave it with him for one more day, he'll put 4.10's in the rear. What the hell. So now my car is finally brand new, with the big gears in the ass end. I must say it's a whole new car with these gears. You've got to be carefull with the throttle in first or it will kill the tires, and roll into it in second as well. BUT IT SURE IS FUN!!!!

    Now I'm off to have the speedcal installed so not only is the mph correct, but I won't be racking up more miles than actual.

    Long story and I'm sorry. Just wanted to share. For those of you on the fence about a 4.10 don't be. IT'S FREAKIN' AWSOME!

  2. Well, glad to hear all of your problems were fixed! Except for the scratches on the windows. I have the exact same problem. I got my windows tinted and now I can see huge amounts of swirled scratches all over my windows. Did they fix that? Just curious. And how much did they charge to put in the 4.10s?
    I have an appointment with my dealer on the 22nd after my road trip so Im going in with a list of problems that I have with my car. Mainly the paint and the scratches.

  3. The quarter window was replaced with a new unit and the rear window was re-set by the glass people. All done free of charge under warranty.

    As for the gear, let me quote Monster Garage "FREEBIE"!!!!!.

    Of course I had to get a Dallas Mustang Speedcal from a local shop installed for a total of $160. So I guess you could say that's what the new gear cost me. :)