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  1. Well I finally decided to sign up with stangnet, don't know what took me so long. So I'm originally from Detroit and currently live in NC (due to the military/ Fort Bragg). Been in for just over seven years, married for seven years we have a 3 year old daughter. I'm lucky to say I have an understanding wife when it comes to my obsession with vehicles. This is the first mustang I have ever owned, I've owned three Camaros and a 350z before venturing into Ford territory and for some odd reason I don't think I'll turn back. I don't know what it is about owning a Mustang but it has history that no other car company can match.
    Now down to the vehicle, I own a 2010 brilliant silver GT and yes I am a tad bit frustrated with the 412hp 2011, oh well I should of done my research before buying. I purchased her in June of 2009 and I have modified her slightly since then. Eibach pro-kit, sway bar kit with eibach struts and shocks, J&M caster/ camber plates, J&M extreme lower control arms with adj. upper control arm and adj. panhard bar. FRPP mufflers, 20x9/ 20x10 black deep dish cobra r's with bf goodrich tires. Roush sideskirts, CDC front chin spoiler, and hurst short throw.....thats all I can think of. Oh and I think my wife bought me a Vortech kit I've been wanting as a surprise.
    I'll be able to post some pictures after I get back from deployment. I'm looking forward to gaining some much needed information and chatting it up with you guys.
  2. :welcome: to stangnet! :nice:. Im about 20 minutes from Ft Bragg in the Southern Pines area.