Finally some info from FORD about GT500!!!

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  1. Yesterday's broadcast from Ford had information about bunch of new models and line ups for 07 , and they took 1 minute to mention this about Shelby:

    " 2007 Mustang Shelby GT500 production will start early June for a late July release. EVERY Ford-dealer gets at least ONE unit. Dealers with PRESIDENTS award get a SECOND one. That's the plan for the "first batch". Total production units 7500. Exact price still unknown, but somewhere around mid 40's "

    So now finally there is actual info from Ford to dealers. And NO INDICATION that Ford wants any dealers to sell them in any kind of auction, like some people suggested here.

    As soon as I hear any news I will keep you all updated unless someone else beats me to it!

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  2. Thanks for the info. Looks like these vehicles will be hard to come by. With such broad distribution (4600 dealers in US and Canada) you had better be number one or two on his list if you expect to get one in the next calendar year! Given the scarcity, lots of dealers will keep their only car for the owner (at least till he gets tired of it).
  3. Thanks for the update.

    It confirms previous info. from the Detroit auto show.
  4. Glad I'm number 1 on the list at my dealership! Now if I can only come up with the $$$$$$ :) Mid 40's plus $10,000 ADA plus tax title and license is about $60,000. Ouch! Hmmmm ... is she worth it? :shrug: That is the question.:bang:
  5. My thoughts about the Ford announcement

    TOTAL B.S.

    I'm less inclined to be sympathetic to Ford's plight now that I was an hour ago ..

    Pull your head out of your ass Bill! You are blowing it!
  6. Do you have a link for that statement from ford? If thats the case then this would deviate from what they had said earlier. I dont see any mention of it on any sights I have been to but I didnt see the broadcast either.
  7. Didn't I already post this??? Release/Production date --666--JUNE,06,2006--MSRP $45,000.00--I thought I did???
  8. Not to shoot the messanger but I call Total BS

    Please take no offense Rising Force,

    I just cannot believe this can be true. They are not going to let any dealer who is not SVT certified have a car. There is no way that they are going to screw the dealers that have paid for the privilege to be SVT dealers for years to loose out to any dealer who has not made an investment. These guys have to be able to recoup the cost that Ford has placed on them. If Ford really does this, it is because they are desperate to lure people into their showrooms to show them some of the most uninspired crap that the American car industry has to turn out. So sad for Ford and also for us. So for now I call total BS on the validity of this info…….Steve
  9. Call it BS if you like, but this is what I seen on Fords dealer broadcast Tuesday morning.
    Also, why should only SVT dealers be a part of this beautiful machine??
    Dont forget that GT500 is not 100% developed by the SVT.
    I think it's fair that every dealership gets at least one. would you rather see only 300+ dealerships sell the 07 shelby and 4000+ go without? now THATS BS...
    I dont need you to approve the validity of information announced by Ford.
    I bet you prefer corky 666 release dates by other members around here better....
  10. Yeah I would like to see it be exclusive instead of letting every putz dealer in the country sell this car. Like I said Ford is showing how desperate they are to get people into the showroom. SVT is the only reason I would buy from Ford, the rest of their cars suck. They could not have a blander offering of *****, so yes I think exclusivity is important.

    At this point Ford and GM can go out of business and they won’t be missed by me except for the Z06. There have been way too many different reports of how this thing will roll out that it is hard to believe anything anyone says including Ford. So chill, my comments are not about you or your integrity in any way. So please forgive me, I think I have become a spoiled brat.....Steve
  11. RISINGFORCE---Call me CORKY 666 ---My INFO is FORD MOTOR CO.....Not a STEALERSHIP....My INFO doesn't have to buy FORD VEHICLES....He drives one's with MANUFACTURE's PLATES!!!!! I can't wait till YOU fly out to CALIFORNIA to BUY ME a COLD NEWCASTLE.....I live in the HIGH RENT DISTRICT.......It sucks to be WRONG:cheers:
  12. Dont forget to add in a gas Guzzler tax too!:bang:
  13. $60K:jaw: :jaw: Me thinks ill be keeping my little ol GT for a whilst longer :D
  14. Go back and read your post from your high paid friend... you said 6-6-6 the RELEASE DATE... the production starts early June with a mid July release!! so you were WRONG there...
    Also you wanna talk about STEALERSHIP, where the heck do YOU buy your vehicles? you think a dealership is stealership because they sell what the manufacture makes?? so do you think the same about grocery stores? Gas Stations? do you and your good old rich friend get your fuel right out of the oil companies raffineri??? Give me a break dude,,, just because youre pretending to be a rich boy , associated with another *made up* rich boy who drives nothing but manufacture's plate, doesnt mean that the rest of us should stop living life.... And as far as Newcastle, you can buy yourself that crap, ,,, YOU fly your ass here, and I will drive you to flat rock so you can see how cars are made here,,, and I will buy you a cold heinken, maybe that will chill you down some!!!
    :cheers: :jester: :stick:
  15. :lol: Thanks! There is another couple grand!:bang:
  16. Why do we have to pay a Gas Guzzler tax. Someone please explain how the tax works and what are the basis for it.:shrug:
  17. It's a $1,000 tax on top of the price of the vehicle because you are buying a performance car with a supercharged V8 that gets worse mileage than your average 6cyl passenger car. I forget what the cut off MPG is, but I know the '03 Cobra had the tax, while the '04 didn't.
  18. What happened to the $39,999 pricetag??? Even that was a big enough STRETCH - but MID-40s? I think Ford can kiss my ass on that one. I happen to be able to buy one at MSRP, but that's just too much to pay for what will probably be a 20,000+ production run car.

    Ask any original Shelby owner about what makes a true Shelby...most of them JOKE about the "sell-out" and the laughter even includes the GT500E cars that shelby slapped his name on.

    Don't get me wrong, I love this car - I just have my doubts on the future value of it, which is the ONLY thing that can can justify such a high price. I planned on getting one from the beginning, but slowly, the price started inching up and features I liked on the prototype started disappearing. Like others have pointed out, there have been other specialty mustangs with MUCH lower production number that still have not held their original value. I guess I'll just continue to build my 67.

  19. Yeah, I don't know anything about the price but I have said from the begining that $40K is too much for the average Joe to pay. Maybe next years cars will be better priced than this year once the initial craze dies off?

    On a side note: I saw a Windviel Blue (sorry about the spelling) GT500 on the corner of 8mile and Hagerty on Satruday morning. It looked like a regular old mustang to me.
  20. I know that prices are going up, but still for me this is a lot of car for the money. I agree that it would be better if they keep it under 40K but 500HP and a drivetrain that can handle it with warrantee is not cheap. Not making excusses for Ford, but I think they are trying to keep MSRP down. The sad part is that the coupe could come in at C6 pricing but Chevy makes 25-30K Vetts a year and maybe Ford needs to do that to keep price in line. Low volume cars are expensive to produce, so I don't know if we get our cake and eat it to....Steve :shrug: