Finally some info from FORD about GT500!!!

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  1. :dead: I am in a similar position I had a chance to buy one at sticker a couple month ago and decided it was BS. You know there is a dealer by my house that is taking offers on what they will pay over sticker. Now thats BS. I dont even have a problem with the price just the limited production.
  2. for those of you who are intent on putting one of these in the garage, what holds more weight, the value of a classic down the road or the performance platform it offers? performance or prestige?
  3. 40k at 5percent 72 mo $644
    45k at 5 72 mo $725 nock a 100 off at 0 percent

    Who can afford that anyway?
  4. Fang, I can't afford that.

    Fullsagd, Mustangs were ment to be driven. I am not a fan of trailer queens.
  5. Why couldn't they have just left it a SVT COBRA? If you want a collector car go find a Shelby Omni, Charger, Daytona, Dakota? Am I really the only person who remembers all the crap Shelby's name has been on? The dealers are going to make a lot of money on this car, its a shame Ford will only produce enough for severe dealer mark up!
  6. I guess it all depends on your definition of crap. While you may feel betrayed by Shelby's name on a Dodge. In most cases you cannot argue that the Shelby version of those vehicles (I don't know enough about the dakota). Was an improvement over the regular Dodge version. It seems that every vehicle he has his name on is better than stock. As for Ford only producing enough for mark-up. Did you miss the limited production numbers on your own Cobra? They only built 6009 of the 94 Cobras. And only 5258 in 95.

  7. The problem with the production is a double whammy. I believe that at 7500 per, for even 2 years, anyone who wants one and can afford on will get it. Problem is, that is a higher production number than most (proabably any) SVT model year - and there were ALWAYS Cobra leftover at the end of each year. I would be more inclined to purchase one if the production numbers were much lower - at least it would hold its value much better, IMO.

    The only other HUGE unknown is the future of musclecars from Ford. If they stop making these and don't produce any other car along this line (Mach 1, Cobra, whatever), the price of the Shelby could really skyrocket.

  8. Most of the people buying this car are not going to be financing it.
  9. Actually that is lower than most years of SVT.
    94 5009
    95 5258
    96 10002
    97 10049
    98 8654
    99 8095
    Those are the ones I have figures for right away. I believe that 01 was not below the 8000 mark. And the 03/04 I want to say ran about 10k per year possibly more. Yes I suppose if Ford dropped the only car that really sells. Then these things could skyrocket. But the likelyhood of that happening. Is about the same as me marrying Paris Hilton. As for no more SVT/Shelby/Mach/whatever. I think the odds are about the same. The GT500 will hold it's value much better than a standard gt. But you'll still see them for less than MSRP used in about 2 years.
  10. 1999 - Just over 8000 (pretty much the same number)
    2001 - about 7100ish
    2003 - like 13,000+ (wow)
    2004 - 5600 or so - and there were PLENTY of those sitting around - however, like other people have mentioned, I believe that is because people had already seen what was coming out for the 05 models.

    It's a mixed bag, but my point is - there have been leftover cobras every year. 7500 is not a small number, by any margin - and this being the most expensive ever.

    I've pretty much drawn a line in the sand, personally. If it MSRPs for $39,999.99 or less, I'll be a customer. If not, I'll pass.

    And I wasn't suggesting that they might drop the Mustang all-together, I just think they might not make the specialty cars for a while in attempts to save money. I hope that doesn't happen, I was just saying "what if" :)


  11. The statement for one car for all dealers was also out in one of the magz. It was stated by the Asian dude heading heading up SVT. Basically that they'd like to build enough to proivde one/dealer. Will look back to see if I can find the article and post........
  12. Yea, but for 2009 an updated Mustang will be coming so during 2008 the same story as the Terminator may happen as customers decide to wait for the next update.
  13. In a normal year car collectors don't scramble to buy Cobras, and rich guys buy BMWs and Mercedes. If even a small number of these buyers come into this market, and I think they will, the demand will be astronomical, unlike a normal year when Cobras get sold mainly to Mustang guys (and gals). Add to that... all of the dealers and their relatives who will only have an opportunity to get one.... and that will add even more pressure. There hasn't been a Ford Shelby for sale at a Ford dealership in over 35 years! The net/net is I don't think the past will be a predictor of the future in this case. It was interesting to watch the Ford/Doral golf tournament on the weekend and hear the announcer gush over the GT500 on display even though there was a Ford GT right beside it.
  14. But most car collectors are not going to buy new cars. New cars go through a long period of losing value before they stabilize and start back up. Look at the Ford GT. That is definately a lower production number. Which would give it a better reason to maintain collectibility. And yet the prices dealers are asking has been steadily dropping. The rich and the collectors have not sold out all model years of it. There is no reason to think they will have a dramatic effect on the GT500.
    If you're going to start talking about people who will buy it. You also have to look at those who won't. Just look on this forum. There are plenty of people saying no it's going to be too much money. Or the people who will wait for other people to be in too deep. And have to sell the car.
  15. All anyone has to do is look at recent examples. The 2000 Cobra R was a stripped down car and stickered at, I think, $56k? But MANY people paid $75k-$100k for this think. NOW, these cars either cant even get a bid below their sticker price or they sell far below on ebay. And they made just over 300 of these. As far as an investment...maybe a used 2000 R would be the ticket.
  16. I certainly don't think they will hold their value forever, or even that in year two there wont be cars available. I'm just saying there will likely be lots of interest initially assuming a broad distribution and they will be tough to come by in year one, particularly at list price.:)

  17. If you are saying that there are plenty of people out there with more money than brains, then I 100% agree! :)
  18. The announcer gushing over the GT500 was Johnny Miller, a retired pro golfer and certified car nut. He has lots of Porsches and I wouldn't be surprised if he already has a Ford GT so the GT is old news to Johnny.