Finally Starting My Restomod

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by AustunXXI, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Hello all, my names austun and I'm a proud owner of a 96 and a 67 mustang. The 96 is a stock v6 other than clutch, throw out bearing, intake, and exhaust. Originally wanted to do a super coupe engine swap, but now it's just my daily beater. My main focus now is a wedding and my 67 coupe. I was given the coupe from my uncle who recently passed away. He was adamant before he passed that it was mine and no one else's which led a few cousins to be a little pissed off and shoot it with a shotgun a few times on the passenger side. After I fix the body and glass I plan on making it a dailiable classic. I'm wanting to use the steering rack, brakes, and main suspension components from the 96 onto the 67. I'm still planning on what engine to use and wet her I want to do a cobra irs swap. So now I'm here. End game is to have a comfortable 67 with nearly 50/50 front to rear weight, low center of gravity, air conditioning, power steering, enough stopping power to stop the earth from spinning, and enough torque to spin it in the other direction. I know a may not be able to do all of that but I want to get close. That pretty much sums up my intro
  2. Welcome aboard, sounds like a fun project. Stop by the classic section, those guys are very knowledgeable!
  3. Welcome. Can't wait to see updates.
  4. Yeah, Welcome to Stangnet
    Just to bad someone had to be so jealous they would ruin it for you :nonono:
    Sheet metal repair is not a big problem ,Lets show them cousins a thing or two. Join us at Classic Mustangs Talk .