finally tried the track

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  1. Saturday I went to the track for the first time...a little dissapointed in my times best time was 15.50 at 89.67mph. It was hot and humid track was slick so i couldnt get traction....
    heres a few pictures...
  2. heres my fave:
  3. Thats cool Kev. Hopefully the times will get better. Who was driving your other Stang?
  4. my wife was in the other 05 and a friend of a friend was in the notch.
  5. Did you race the auto or the manual. I know how bad florida weather is too, lol, sucks for racing and doing 1/4's in, lol, try in the winter :D
  6. what track is that Moroso?
  7. yep Moroso in Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens.

    I drove the manual Cher drove the auto
  8. Did better then me, I ran a 16.05, 16.06, 16.16. I have the auto also. The weather at my track really sucked too. It was in the high 90's.

    **edit** OH yeah... the car seemed really consistant because the difference between the 16.05 and 16.06 was a .005 second haha. The 16.16 time was the worse because I somehow lost traction at the starting line and pretty much did a burn out there haha.
  9. [​IMG]

    Can't forget the pics! :nice:
  10. no pics for me, only videos lol :), you all topped my first time out, but its always hot here. :) ill wait till december when its in the 80s to try again.
  11. yes it was really hot here as well, in the 90s i believe someone measured the temp on the track and it was over 120.
    Hey I appreciate everyones positive support and comments. I thought for sure I would get flamed.
  12. Yeah...

    Hot humid weather does nothing for drag racing.
    My '05 V6 has managed a best time of 15.44 at Memphis.
    All I have done is the drop in K&N Filter. Gonna try a XCal2 this week. I hope to make a run with it on Thursday. this is me in Memphis on a bad night. 15.80's all night long.
  13. look at it this way, in the 1/8 mile you are in the high 9's, now the older fox body tangs with street tires and factory gearing, only ran low 9's 1/8 mile times, so for a heavy v-6 car with less hp and more weight, these times are all really good, i'd say anything under 16.00 1/4 mile is great for these cars, automatic or stick? good job.
  14. i was driving the stick.
  15. What did your wifey run kevin?
    i havent seen a v6 auto run at the track yet.
  16. yes i know, but even being a stick, those times are not that bad. i am assuming you were running your street tires and all the street equipment still intact? spare tire, jack, passenger's seat? those times are not bad with a v-6. ok, i had an 04 dodge ram with the hemi, 3.90 gears and lowered in the rear 4 inches, and it ran 9.70 and (2) 9.80's in the 1/8. and that's a 6000 pound truck with the spare still on. so congratulate yourself, the times for your v-6 mustang are not that bad, now when it cools off, run it again, and you will probably be in the low 15's, not bad at all. what did the wifey's auto run?
  17. my wife did an even 16
  18. forgot to answer some of your questions, everything is stock expect for the muffler, i put a GT muffler on it..
  19. Oh, so she didnt beat you, if she ran a 16 flat :p
  20. i ran a 16.48 against her..
    the 15.50 i did was against the red 5.0 he did a 16.7