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  1. woops, well atleast you guessed right as to what i was trying to say "compares to it, yet spools somewhat faster, aka less lag". I see what u mean, the bigger the potential just adds lag. I kinda set myself up to get around the lag by doing a nitrous shot to get me to the full spoll. I was just pondering it becuase as a street/strip car, on the street i dont want to run nitrous....unless the situation calls for it. Now that i look at what im say, to sum it up "i want my cake and eat it too" :p
  2. Thank you for updating your site, Mike. I was afraid you had died or something!
  3. LOL, damn!

    I've been working on my supercharged 5.0 and buying expensive toys. :D
  4. This is an interesting conversation.

    First off, I run 25 psi. The 21 psi you saw was with both boost control solonoids Off. (the switches on the chrome plate in the dash)
    One switch on = 25 psi.
    Both switches on = 30 psi, along with some other enrichment that I won't get into.

    Is 21 psi from a HX35 the same as 21 psi from a garrett? Kinda. Then again, kinda not.
    Since my goal was to always raise my HP level as time goes on, I wanted to grow into the holset.
    I had outgrown my garrett at about 270 rwhp and 322 rw torque.
    I gladly took the lag of the new turbo to gain more hp.
    The best way I can explain this over the internet is, The Holset is "easier to turn" and less restrictive/pinched than the garrett.

    I wish we all could get together and talk face to face about this. It's just too long of a thought process to convey across the internet.
  5. Let's meet at my place, I'm about in the middle between FL and KS. Of course Wood will have to fly in.
  6. i drive pretty fast....but i would refer too it as "flying in" until i get my turbo motor in :D
  7. We should all meet up some day. I've been to a ranger meet with Coolest damn thing talking to people that are just as interested as you are in modifiying the exact same vehicle you have. To see them in person isn't like somoene showing you pics online. Some will even let you drive their monsters. The 302 ranger I drove was freaking sick.... The few 2.3t ranger guys werent there however.... But a meet in a central spot would be cool, somewhere in georgia maybe ?
  8. Yea, that'd be great.
    I could do Georgia
  9. I'm game. I live about 45 minutes west of Panama City in Florida (Eglin AFB). I get a week off at the beginning of the new year, so maybe we could all meet for a beer and conversation. Of course, i'd bring money for you over 21-ers so you could buy the beer for me. :D

    - Chris