1. Finally, after a WHOLE lot of negotiations with my father, i got a 2.3T. Its a convertable, with a new "BMW" blue paint job, a Cobra R hood w/ scoops, and pony rims. Ill get my friends camera and post some pics soon :D
  2. sounds awsome man....get us some pics!
  3. sounds great

    and its sounds like your the 50th person within 75 miles to have my hood.
  4. Good stuff tyler. I'm going over to his house this sunday and we'll get some video of his new turbo convertible. You forgot to mention it's a 5-speed. :D

    Just more motivation for me to get my motor into my '89 and spank you. :nice:

    BTW, 351w, we deffinately gotta bring this car up to your place sometime this summer. I think you'd like it. :nice:
  5. A little off the origonal topic, but the only thing that the car could really have done to it as far as maintenance is resurfacing the rotors some day. I was wondering if anyone had any idea how much it would cost to have my two discs done (drums in rear)?
  6. Shouldn't be more than 20 bux...
  7. Yeah about 20 bucks will get it. I'v never had much luck with "turned" rotors. Find a junked 5.0 and ****** the front brakes and spindles off of it.

    I can't believe it wouldn't let me say s n a t c h. lol I even used it in a kind fashion.
  8. Thanks, but after testing the car in a panic stop from 65, the pedal fluttered, and i believe, without looking at them, that the discs are warped. I'll probably just buy new discs just to be sure.
  9. I'm headed to sumerduck with the coupe this thursday. If you can make it you should take the vert. That is their test-and-tune night along with every thursday the rest of the summer. Hell, the way the car feels right now you'll probably outrun it.