Finaly apart of something that matters in life!

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  1. hey everyone, im happy to be apart of this, ive owned 2 foxbodys now and its the only car ill drive. i sold my first stock 93 mustang gt due to the fact that the armed forces wont fly your car to i saved up on my deployments and bought me another 93 mustang. its an lx type but i droped a 5.0 and put all sorts of goodys on her, like for starters the supercharger. and everything that goes with changing your original N/A to a blower which is pretty much everything. haha. im getting pictures on here soon, shes completly smoked out with the foose rims. but i do have lots of questions about what to do next to pinch all them horses that i can. thx
  2. took a couple of pictures of DaBeast

    heres some pictures for everyone.

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  3. :welcome: nice ride!